Morgana Robinson’s The Agency ~ Episode Review

Another side-splitting episode from the extraordinarily talented Morgana Robinson. All of the characters from last week’s instalment were re-visited, although there was more emphasis put on some than others, which kept it a fresh and exciting format.

I enjoyed the focus on Joanna Lumley, in particular, Robinson was quite scarily accurate in her portrayal of the legendary star. Having her visit a hotel in Potters Bar was a genius move and the ensuing chaos was even funnier. Cheryl from Girls Aloud (I call her this, because I don’t know which surname she goes by these days!) was so well mimicked, that I was forced to close my eyes to check whether there was any difference in the voices at all. The plot involving Cheryl’s pets coming and going as quickly as her husbands was close to the knuckle, but it made for hilarious viewing. I was delighted that Mel and Sue made a come back as well, to be able to impersonate them both so perfectly is quite a talent. I am rather too invested in the idea of their living together with Mel’s long-suffering husband, now. I love that they have pets and that Sue acts like a bit of a spoiled child!

Morgana is an absolute ringer for Natalie Cassidy – absolutely brilliant!

The character of Natalie Cassidy is another of Robinson’s strong points, setting her up for an audition with Morgan Freeman and having her dad (Perry Benson) along was one of my favourite plots. A portion of Sonia’s bad luck has been dolloped right into the ‘caricature’ of Ms Cassidy and I find myself doing a double take every time ‘she’ makes an appearance.

I am galloping around (like Miranda) with excitement at the prospect of more from this series!


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