Night Must Fall ~ Malvern Theatres

Night Must Fall finishes its run in Malvern this weekend and will continue to tour, details are here:

Star Rating: ****

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the works of Emlyn Williams, it’s that he writes a thriller/murder mystery with a predictable culprit and lack of a twist. However, it’s the path that leads you to learn the truth that you suspected all along, that makes for interesting viewing.

This production was a particularly atmospheric piece, with incidental music which was as haunting and daunting to me as the music used in television whodunnits such as Midsomer Murders! It set the scene beautifully and prepared me to jump, which I’m always likely to do during this genre of play! The set is also gloriously eerie and provides the perfect backdrop for a thriller of this magnitude. I particularly found the visible ‘woods’ at the rear of the scenery to be a subtle touch, yet they enhanced the gripping junctures that were unfolding on stage.

Daragh O’Malley as Inspector Belsize

The action takes place at Mrs Bramson’s bungalow, where the relationships between the owner of the bungalow, her staff and her niece are permanently strained. Mrs Bramsom is a wheelchair-bound, sharp tongued battle axe and could be played by nobody better than Gwen Taylor. She excels in such a delicious role and leads the cast brilliantly. Her niece, Olivia (Niamh McGrady) is bored, under her aunt’s thumb and deliberating over a marriage proposal from Hubert (Alsadair Buchan). Hubert is staying at Mrs Bramson’s cottage in the hope of securing Olivia’s affections. Buchan must be commended for a comical performance, he seemed to be playing a character who could have easily been overlooked and he brought the best out in the part. Also providing a few moments of comedy gold, Mandi Symonds as Mrs Terrence who looks after the house, she lightened the tension on several occasions with excellent comic timing. The plot begins to move along once housemaid, the perpetually anxious Dora (Melissa Vaughan) reveals her illegitimate pregnancy and Mrs Bramson offers to pin down her elusive ‘beau’.

Gwen Taylor plays Mrs Bramson.

The ‘beau’ is a bellboy by the name of Dan (Will Featherstone) and what a kettle of fish he is. Simple and unwitting on the face of it, but a more complex character in this piece, you will not find. The arrival of Inspector Belsize (Daragh O’Malley) just prior to Dan’s introduction, brought the horrific news that a murder may have been committed and as such, Mrs Bramson’s grounds are going to be searched. What follows is a cacophony of events which include Dan joining Mrs Bramson’s staff after winning the old girl over, while Olivia is suspicious of the new employee and lingers in the background waiting to catch him out. It’s a dramatic plot with tension galore and what’s fascinating is how mysterious the character of Olivia remains, she is portrayed superbly by McGrady. Featherstone steals the show, and rightly so, as he takes the role of Dan through a myriad of emotions and is essentially an actor, who is playing a character who is acting.

A strong cast, make a slick job of a predictable storyline and it certainly kept me on the edge of my seat. It’s one of Williams’ better thrillers in my humble opinion.


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