Spotlight On… Star of Malvern Theatres’ Sleeping Beauty, Quinn Patrick

Sleeping Beauty runs at Malvern Theatres from 15 December 2016 to 8 January 2017, for more information and to book your tickets for this fabulous family pantomime, follow this link:

Quinn Patrick plays the role of Nurse Nelly and I chatted to the seasoned Pantomime Dame to find out what he’s looking forward to this year:

Thanks for talking to Break A Leg, Quinn. So, this year you’re playing Nurse Nelly in Sleeping Beauty, but how many times have you played the Dame to date?

This is the tenth time that I have played the Dame, I’ve played one half of the Ugly Sisters three times and various bumbling old Kings, too. When I first played the Dame I knew that was what I wanted to do.

Do you own many of your own costumes, as many Dames seem to do?

I’ve got a lot of my own costumes, I’ve not done Sleeping Beauty before, so I need to find out what the scenes will be so that I can link the costumes in. I worked for UK Productions for the first time last year and they have lots of lovely costumes.

How do you deal with the customary heckling? Do you have a ‘bring it on’ attitude towards them?

I’m not afraid and I don’t goad, I’m not worried about the heckling because it’s panto and you expect some heckling if they’re enjoying it. Some audience members get a bit lost in the moment.

What is your favourite part of pantomime and the performance?

You put the shoes on and the whole things feels the same as the last time, but different too, if you know what I mean? There’s the rehearsals and meeting the new cast, the technical week where it suddenly comes together. Then you have the first night and you’re really glad you get through it. You work hard on the comedy, but when you get in front of an audience the job really begins. The audience reaction ensures that you keep the good stuff, you mustn’t be afraid to cut stuff. Some material might be great in rehearsals but doesn’t work when you’re in front of an audience.

The cast of Sleeping Beauty getting ready to entertain at Malvern Theatres.

What’s the best thing about this tradition?

The wonderful thing about panto is it’s the only time where you’ll get different generations of family at the theatre together. All ages sitting in a row from a two year old to an eighty year old.

What can the audience expect from Sleeping Beauty?

Lots of flying which sounds exciting and a really strong cast, too. I worked with Gillian (Wright, who’s playing Carabosse) last year and she’s fantastic. She’s such a nice lady and so funny, that when she plays a horrible character, you don’t expect it.

What would you say to encourage people to come and watch?

Come and have a good time, it promises to be a good show. We’ll all be up there doing our best for you!

Thank you so much to Quinn for chatting to me, I can’t wait to bring my little boy to see you.




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