Morgana Robinson’s The Agency ~ Episode Review

Ah another instalment of Morgana Robinson’s The Agency to have a good old titter at! This really is one of the best belly laugh-inducing comedies out there at the moment. The old favourites are all put into new scenarios in this week’s episode and with hilarious consequences, as always.

Kimberley Walsh from Girls Aloud is introduced and yet another famous face that Robinson is able to impersonate brilliantly. Using Walsh as competition for Natalie Cassidy’s Fame School was inspired and it’s still heartbreakingly funny to see Cassidy portrayed as this ‘never mind, every cloud…. and all that’ type of person.

Morgana plays Russell Brand, brilliantly!

Russell Brand is still peddling his Utopia project, trying and failing to make millions with his hair-brained scheme. I feel that Robinson improves as Brand every week, definitely one of her strongest ‘male’ performances.

This week also saw the P.A. at the agency missing out on birthday celebrations due to an arduous press event for singer, Adele. It really is quite spooky how well Robinson takes off the singer, it’s not even too far a stretch of the imagination that Adele could be in the Butchers shop, canting! It’s even funnier that the birthday girl’s day is topped off with Danny Dyer and his selfie stick. I’m still not entirely convinced by the accuracy of the Danny Dyer voice, but the scrapes that ‘he’ gets into have been thought out so innovatively.

The show is not complete without Mel and Sue, they are my favourites by far and Sue’s hiding Tim’s belongings to prevent his going to the Pride of Britain Awards was yet another excellent ‘plot’. I’m thinking that Mel and Sue could have their own show as a Morgana Robinson’s The Agency spin-off.

If you haven’t discovered the talent of this amazing comedian and actress, yet, I urge you to, because there isn’t enough of this sort of comedy on the telly, and what’s more, this woman is clever!

Photo Credits: BBC


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