Casualty ‘The Big Day’ ~ Episode Review

How much more heartbreak can Robyn (Amanda Henderson) take? The poor lass is enduring so many horrific rollercoasters each episode and this one is no different. The much loved Nurse is getting ready for her wedding day, which is set to take place in a few hours time, and she’s not feeling too clever. Is it the stress of dealing with Glenn’s (Owain Arthur) limited days and the fact that she might not be the blushing bride long enough to even get a honeymoon in?

Well, no, it seems that the reason is the patter of tiny feet! The news, delivered by an ever-cool Dylan (Will Beck) comes as a delightful surprise, leaving a smile as wide as can be all over Robyn’s face. The pregnancy is initially announced by Dylan at an inopportune moment, while the mum-to-be is at risk of attack from a patient who is behaving uncharacteristically erratically. I thought that this scene was executed brilliantly, if there’s one thing that Casualty do well, it’s building the tension to a crescendo. In the case of this particular lad, it’s potentially Lupus that’s at the root of the problem. As usual, this has set me off on a Google crusade, especially given that all the way through the first half an hour I was persistently asking my other half what the rash was that the patient-to-be was sporting. My medical knowledge has broadened, yet again!


The we have Connie (Amanda Mealing), clearly suffering from PTSD as a result of Grace’s (Emily Carey) accident and locking horns with Elle (Jaye Griffiths) due to a missed allergy. I think that the stand offs between Connie and Elle make for fantastic viewing and their mutual link of Jacob (Charles Venn) who is still being side-lined by his love interest, sets up a few potential storylines for the future. However, an exciting turn of events unfolds when Grace begins to stir while Connie is at her bedside holding her hand, what a gorgeous scene, and one we’ve all been waiting for, I’m sure. Although in other news, Jacob has gone to the pub post-shift and he’s pulled… uh oh!

However, The Big Day ended on the big news that Robyn had been jilted at the alter, and before we’ve heard her vows which included the revelation that Glenn is going to be a daddy. How much more can this girl handle?



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