Morgana Robinson’s The Agency ~ Episode Review

We’re getting rather too close to the end of this laugh-a-minute series for my liking! This lady is so extraordinarily talented that she is literally blowing me away each week. This time, Fearne Cotton was on the receiving end of the vast majority of the humour. It is incredible how much Robinson looks like Cotton when she plays her, let alone sounds like her. The social media digs were hilarious and on point, these scripts are brilliantly constructed.

Danny Dyer also came a cropper again, claiming to be seeing little people in his back garden. I’m still unconvinced as far as the impersonation of Dyer goes, but the storylines that are given to his ‘caricature’ are genius and Robinson does do a good job of Dyer’s gait.

Joanna Lumley is used significantly, again and the facial expressions that Robinson manages to emulate are superb. Certain asides to the camera certainly make me do a double take when she takes off the star, and the plot for the government film was easily one of my favourites of the series, so far.


Then there was more Miranda, an impersonation which I personally feel is one of the best in the programme. Her documentary with the police was a joy to watch and one of the most appealing elements of Robinson taking off Miranda, is that she’s not somebody that impressionists have taken on, before.

My only complaint about this episode is that there wasn’t enough Mel and Sue for my liking! I feel a Christmas Special spin-off with just Mel and Sue is beckoning… please?

Photo credits: BBC


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