Casualty ‘Night Of The Loving Dead’ ~ Episode Review

A particularly special episode as it was directed by Casualty’s very own Amanda Mealing, and she dedicated her spectacular effort to her late father.

The continuation of Robyn’s (Amanda Henderson) misery leads her to send David (Jason Durr) and Max (Jamie Davis) on a mission to find Glen (Owain Arthur) via a tracking device. The hapless pair are on but yards away from Glen’s mobile device and with Dylan (Will Beck) also taking an active role in the hunt, it becomes rather comical. Until it turns out that the man they are tracking is not Glen. Although the story unfolding to reveal that Paulo (Gabriel Lo Guidice) actually has Glen’s phone and met him through the common denominator of Cancer. The fact that a male mastectomy was covered in this episode made for fantastic viewing and should be put into the public eye more so.

While Glen remains somewhat untraceable, Robyn considers an abortion. I absolutely adored the way the relationship between Robyn and Dylan continued to develop throughout, kudos to both actors for making it work so brilliantly. Will Beck delivers some very witty lines which are enhanced by his performance.

Will Robyn ever be reunited with the father of her child?

In the meantime we revisit the ongoing saga between Cal (Richard Winsor) and Ethan (George Rainsford) as Cal is still wounded by Alicia’s (Chelsea Halfpenny) score of his sexual prowess. Ethan has the upper hand when Elle (Jaye Griffiths) offers a pair of tickets to a Trust function and not so subtly suggests that he invites Alicia. Alicia clearly sees this as her opportunity to try and get closer to Ethan, and is somewhat perturbed to find Cal in his place when the taxi arrives.

I admit that although the storyline based around the zombie event which provided the base for the traditional ‘accident’ and gave a pre-Halloween flavour to the episode, I was far more drawn into the comings, going, ins and outs of the regular characters’ business.

It was an emotional finish, too, seeing Robyn’s reaction to the potential loss of her baby and the wonderment on her face when she heard its heartbeat? Best part of the episode!

Huge congratulations to Amanda Mealing on a job extremely well done!

Photo Credits: BBC



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