Morgana Robinson’s The Agency ~ Episode Review

A whole episode dedicated to a day in the life of ‘Natalie Cassidy’ aka Lesbian Sonia! Surprising, given the mixture that the previous episodes have readily supplied. Not as entertaining as the earlier instalments either, if ‘m honest with myself and you.

Yes, Robinson is uncanny as Ms Cassidy, plus the script was firing on all cylinders as usual and Perry Bendon put in another fine performance as Cassidy’s ‘dad’. However I feel like the decision to throw this one in has allowed the series to lose its momentum. I suppose what doesn’t help is that I have become emotionally invested in all of the ‘characters’ and I particularly adore Mel and Sue.

The everyday practicalities that are explored each time Cassidy’s ‘life’ is visited are a great base for comedy and certainly goes some way towards convincing me that life as a soap star isn’t all glam! It’s a great little twist that Natalie has never been seen on set or at any of the awards functions. Her sister is brought down a peg or two in this episode which was needed. Cassidy is painted as nothing if not kind hearted and she helps her sister out of a sticky situation with her modelling ‘career’. There’s also romance on the cards when Cassidy’s ex boyfriend turns up with van-load after van-load of shopping ordered by mistake. I can’t imagine I was alone in feeling slightly disappointed that they didn’t get together! From the perspective at least, I was drawn in to the plot.

I see that next week is going to feature Miranda Hart, if this is solely about Miranda, I already have my doubts about how engaged a viewer I will be… however, bring it on, say I!


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