Casualty ‘Shock To The System’ ~ Episode Review

It’s F1, Dr Sebastian Grayling’s (Rik Makarem) first day on rotation at Holby City Hospital and he’s going to be supervised by Dr Keogh (Will Beck), an ego has certainly been thrown into the mix in the form of Sebastian! The junior doctor does not get off to a great start when he collides with Dervla, Dylan’s beloved dog.

This encounter sets off a frantic search by Dylan and his able assistant, Noel (Tony Marshall), and plays on Sebastian’s mind for most of the shift, too. Of course, the altercation with his boss’s dog isn’t the only misdemeanour from the new kid on the block. One of the central storylines involves an elderly mother who has requested a DNAR be placed on her file and her daughter (played by Shobna Gulati) is not ready to let her go, yet. When the inevitable happens, and the more senior staff are absent from the room, Sebastian foolishly takes matters into his own hands and resuscitates the patient.  You don’t want to get on the wrong side of Dylan, Sebastian! Having done that, Elle (Jaye Griffiths) suspends his rotation, and it looks like the disgraced F1 has a lot of making up to do to be back in favour and in a job! How best to go about getting back in Dylan’s good books? Maybe get on the good side of his dog?

Dylan temporarily loses his dog and gains a new sparring partner

I think that Sebastian is going to be a fantastic addition to the regular cast, he had an ideal first storyline to make his mark with and his ego will bring another edge to the team. It’s also another sparring partner for Dylan, which is never a bad thing in my opinion!

The other storyline which has continued to run and carries on nicely through this episode, is the to-ing and fro-ing between Alicia (Chelsea Halfpenny) and Cal (Richard Winsor) which looks set to become a more permanent fixture after the nature of their relationship comes to a head. This is helped along by female attention directed at Cal by a patient’s other half. In his case, the patient being Andrew Paul from The Bill, I’m sure I wasn’t on my own in championing this guest appearance. His ex-colleague, Trudie Goodwin, is set to appear in the next episode, and she has also played Rik Makarem’s mum in Emmerdale, so it’s reunions ahoy!

Next week sees the potential romance between Duffy and Charlie begin to hot up, so I’m looking forward to reviewing that one!

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