Morgana Robinson’s The Agency ~ Episode Review

The penultimate episode of Morgana’s inspired comedy, and there was no Mel and Sue! How very dare you, Ms Robinson! That aside, this instalment was back to the original format which involved a whole range of Morgana’s brilliant impersonations.

Greg Wallace was back on the menu and with hilarious consequences, having list his ability to like and not like things. Joanna Lumley was up for an advert and hadn’t learned the script, no would she eat the yoghurt at the end of the shoot. She’s definitely one of the best in the programme and when the Patsy from Ab Fab excerpt was also thrown in, it really was a comedy genius moment. Every scene in this show is so well structured, detailed and jam-packed with laugh-a-minute antics.


I was slightly put off by the return of Natalie Cassidy, as the previous week’s episode had been all about her, but the idea of putting her forward to present The One Show and it all going horribly wrong was actually worth seeing. I think that Cassidy’s impersonation comes so naturally to Robinson that there is still much mileage in this one. It was well worth the wait for Miranda’s appearance in Game of Thrones, adding slapstick to the otherwise straight-laced drama, what a hoot! Or as Miranda would say “awks!”.

So, we come to the final episode next week, and if I get many more side-splitting moments from Mel and Sue, as Greg Wallace would say “I like it”, another episode focusing on Natalie Cassidy? “I don’t like it!”.



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