Spotlight On… Star of Trollied, Sarah Parish

Trollied is back with a brand new series on Sky One at 9.00 pm on Monday 7 November and with Sky’s kind permission, I have had the great pleasure of interviewing a number of the cast members. So, without further ado, here’s Sarah Parish who plays Cheryl…

Thank you so much for talking to me, Sarah, I feel I’ve grown up watching you as I was a huge fan of Cutting It! What can you tell me what the new series has in store for Cheryl?

This series sees a relationship start between Gavin (Jason Watkins) and Cheryl, they’re obviously like minded people and very, very keen on each other. Cheryl works for Lauda and has to go away due to work, so Cheryl decides that she’d like to take the Area Manager job for Valco. That way she can be with Gavin a bit more, so they get to see each other a lot more in this series which is great.

When you first took the role, was this a development that you wanted to see between Gavin and Cheryl?

Yes, when I was offered the part, Jason and I had already worked on W1A together so I liked working with him and I think that in the first series I did, although they had a love/hate relationship, we sort of knew it would go somewhere. I think in the first series I was in the idea was that Cheryl would lead him on and then break his heart, but because Jason and I work well together the Producers liked the idea of going a different way and have Cheryl falling in love with Gavin. So, in the end they went in a different direction with Cheryl, they had wanted her to seem really nice but in the end they decided to just make her a really nice person.

What do you think of the decision to make her a nice character?

I wanted to play someone who was an out and out nice person, I’ve played too evil nasty characters recently!

When you saw the script for the very first time what did you think of it and were you familiar with the show before you took the role?

No, I hadn’t watched it before. I was actually asked to do it a couple of years before I took the role and I couldn’t do it because I was doing something else, so they came back to me two years later. The description they gave me of Cheryl was something that I’d never actually done before, I’d played evil person after evil person and the thought of playing someone really nice was really appealing. I’d just come out of doing two years of The Queen of Atlantis and I thought it would be great to play someone really jolly and fun.

What would you like to see happen for Cheryl?

I’d like Cheryl and Gavin to get married, I’d like them to have a big fat Valco wedding!

What would you say to encourage viewers to watch series six?

You’re going to get more of the same from all of the great characters, there’s a progression with everyone’s character. It’s really funny this series, we’ve got Rufus Hound who plays a hilarious character. If you’ve watched the series before, please carry on watching it and if you haven’t, watch it for Rufus Hound! We’ve got Georgia May Foote joining the cast too. Everyone who comes to Trollied really enjoys it and there’s a good atmosphere, you can see that on screen.

Finally, I chatted to Sarah about the charity that she and her husband, James Murray set up following the loss of their daughter to a congenial heart defect. The #2MillionSteps appeal has been launched and all details can be found here:

I’d like to thank Sarah for her time and can’t wait to see how things progress for Cheryl and Gavin!

Photo Credit: Sky TV



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