Wales Comic Con ~ Event Review

Wales Comic Con launched its second stint of the year and as was the case back in April, attendance figures appeared healthy and the organisation was top notch. As a midlands based reviewer, much as I love to travel the country, I had thought that my visit in April would be a one-off. However, when I was there in the Spring I was so impressed, that this con will be on my calendar twice a year from now in.

The guest list was populated with famous faces from film, television and wrestling. The turn-out on the day was superb, there are always a few cancellations, it’s par for the course, but the team manage to put together such an amazing long list of guests, that any no shows aren’t noticeable. Queues for meets, greets and autographs were orderly and spaced out enough not to interfere with walk ways for passers by who were admiring and purchasing the merchandise. A great range  of still photographs, funko pops and all sorts of memorabilia was on offer. I always attend Comic Cons and feel tat I haven’t brought enough cash with me, there is definitely a need for more stall holders who can take card payments!

Our little boy just wanted to see Lightning McQueen!

Cosplayers aplenty were out in force with the usual polite etiquette between fellow enthusiasts as ‘characters’ were stopped for photographs. The cosplaying and gaming zone were in a separate area this time and I thought that this was a good move. Not to mention that at this time of year it’s ideal to have most of the zones undercover. Nothing worse than a Hulk cosplayer turning blue!

The Q & A sessions were exceptionally well organised again, panels including Harry Potter, Torchwood and Game of Thrones were popular and had high attendance. The function rooms that are available for these sessions are perfect for such an event and this goes a long way towards making this Con one of the best.

As a member of the press in attendance, I was delighted with the opportunities I had to network with various media guests in attendance, look out for their interviews soon. The buzz in the signing area was immense and with Mr Motivator and Trev and Simon full of exuberance and verve, Wales Comic Con was the place to be this weekend.

See you in 2017!


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