Spotlight On… Casualty Guest Star, Trudie Goodwin

Actress, Trudie Goodwin is familiar to many viewers from either her time on The Bill or in Emmerdale. In this week’s episode of Casualty, Trudie is playing the role of Karen Bartley who is the mother of Duffy’s daughter-in-law, Tanya Duffin (played by Sophie Austin). I caught up with Trudie in between scenes at the studios in Cardiff.

Hi Trudie, thanks for chatting to me, how are you enjoying your time working on Casualty?

Well, it’s one of those things I’ve always wanted to do and so I was delighted to be asked, it’s a seriously unglamorous part, but I am so pleased to be doing this.

What was it like walking onto set for the first time?

What was extraordinary was that there are an awful lot of people here who I knew from my days on The Bill, so I walked in and the atmosphere here feels exactly the same as it did on The Bill – just with a different uniform! But, it has that same really pleasant atmosphere when you walk in, very friendly, very easy and quite a family feel about it. I’ve been completely at home here for two weeks.

How many episodes are you in?

I’m only in one episode, they’ve spread my filming out over two weeks which has meant I’ve had loads of time to go and look around Cardiff and go for coastal walks.

Are you a regular viewer of Casualty?

To be honest, no, but that’s because I don’t watch anything medical because I then assume that I’ve got what someone in the programme is diagnosed with! Although I did watch it for a couple of weeks before I came I filmed these scenes.

What can you tell me about the character you’re playing?

She’s dying, she’s basically a recovering alcoholic. Basically she’s come looking for her daughter because she wants peace before she dies.

I’ll move quickly on to Emmerdale, if I may, as you have played Georgia Sharma, is the door completely closed on that show?

No it’s not, my character hasn’t died but to be honest, I didn’t mean to stay as long as I did, but again, Emmerdale is very much like it is here at Casualty, very friendly and a nice place to work. I was only going to be there for a few months and I ended up being there three years. She’s gone off on this world cruise, but I suppose she could come back in for a brief time. Although here on Casualty I’ve been here with my Emmerdale Son, Rik Makarem, and so it has been lovely seeing him and also Chelsea Halfpenny!

Finally, you’re extremely well known for playing June Ackland in The Bill, do you still have cast reunions?

We do, in fact as I’ve been doing this I missed one last weekend!

Thanks to Trudie for a great interview, I thought that she was a real asset to Casualty on Saturday!


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