Morgana Robinson’s The Agency ~ Episode Review

The series finale was a cornucopia of the best bits from the series, so I wasn’t sure a final episode was necessary if there was no further material? Not that it wasn’t fun to relive some of the best of what Morgana has had to offer over the past few weeks, the woman is a force to be reckoned with, and the show has been an undoubted triumph in my opinion.


I have said throughout all of my previous reviews that Mel and Sue have been my favourites, and they remain so as this series comes to a close. To be able to impersonate one half of one of the nation’s most popular presenting duos is surely a challenge and achievement in itself, but to manage to impersonate both halves so effectively has been a joy to watch. Equally, Natalie Cassidy, much as there has been a lot of time concentrated one her, is an impersonation that seems to come so easily to the comedienne. Joanna Lumley was another highlight and the storylines that were created around the ‘characters’ were clever and almost believable. Finally, when it comes to the females, Robinson sounds more like Fearne Cotton than Fearne Cotton does. The pace of the voice as well as the sound and quality are all unbelievably perfect.

Taking on male impersonations can be no easy feat, and I haven’t always been entirely convinced by Robinson’s delivery of these. Greg Wallace is my favourite if I have to choose one that I wouldn’t mind seeing again. Hat’s off to the lady for entertaining the idea of including male celebrities, though.

Do I want more from this incredibly talented lady? The answer is a resounding… Yes, my love! Do I like it or not like it? I LIKE IT!

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