Trollied Episode Two, Series Six ~ Episode Review

The second episode of the new series of Trollied got off to as flying a start as the first one, there is such a feeling of unity among this cast and they’re all on it when it comes to their roles. Almost as though playing these hilarious characters is second nature to them.

In this instalment, Cheryl (Sarah Parish) and Gavin (Jason Watkins) are still incredibly lovey dovey and very silly, what a great pairing they are – Watkins and Parish are a fantastic double act. They were also quite a force when it came to the Managers’ meeting and Cheryl, as Area Manager, was seemingly against Gavin’s health food ideas. It was a plan they’d cooked up between them and it worked, these are characters that I want to see triumph, so I was rather pleased that the garden path Cheryl had led her Managers up was all a ploy. Valco’s couple are a great strength of the show and long may all of them continue.

Speaking of love, Linda (Faye McKeever) pushes her boyfriend, Neville (Dominic Coleman) forward to take over as Store Manager during the absence of Gavin and Katie (Chanel Cresswell). Katie is horrified at this suggestion, but goes along with it, reluctantly! The new recruit is also handed over to Neville’s care, which also has hilarious consequences. The observational quality of the script is superb, especially when both Sue (Lorraine Cheshire) and Linda both decline Katie’s offer of the Valco reigns, how many work colleagues do we all know who would react the same way they did?

Another day at Valco for Lisa!

Unsurprisingly, Neville’s temporary stint as Store Manager results in an automatic door crisis which sees Neville stuck, Ian (Victor Maguire) denying all knowledge and the new recruit offering to go to Morrisons! Not to mention that Lisa’s (Beverley Rudd) playing Neville’s ‘promotion’ to her own advantage and taking great delight in moving from till to till as well as winding up a school teacher in the process. Lisa is one of my favourite characters, she’s bawdy and doesn’t care, but she represents quite a number of people I’ve encountered in the past!

 Meanwhile, back onto the theme of love, there’s a love triangle developing between Daniel (Samuel Anderson), Katie and Holly (Georgia May Foote). I thought that Holly was a great addition to the cast, ditzy, giggly and you kinda wondered how on earth she was in the job of Store Manager. She’s unwittingly stirred things up with Katie in regards to Daniel, so I’m expecting a green eyed monster situation.

Overall, another laugh-a-minute episode that in my opinion, BAFTA need to have on their radar!

Photo Credits: Sky TV


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