Casualty ‘About My Mother’ ~ Episode Review

Another smasher of a performance from Amanda Mealing as Connie is back at work, despite Elle (Jaye Griffiths) expressing her misgivings and pushing Jacob (Charles Venn) to talk her out of it. There’s a mystery inspector on the loose and the doctors and nurses decide to compete against one another as they set out to prove that the ED is running smoothly.

Meanwhile I was intrigued to see that Lily (Crystal Yu) is still pursuing Archie (James Wilby) and that he is equally keen to continue to see the young doctor. As a pairing, all the flaws are obvious, yet it’s remarkably easy to see why Lily has fallen for him. However, she remains clueless that he is the Inspector that the team are so concerned about. Or I imagine she’s clueless, and if she is, will his report be the catalyst that throws her into Iain’s (Michael Stevenson) arms? I hope so!

Programme Name: Casualty 30 - Series 31 - TX: 19/11/2016 - Episode: Casualty 30 12 (No. 12) - Picture Shows:  Connie Beauchamp (AMANDA MEALING), Jacob Masters (CHARLES VENN) - (C) BBC - Photographer: Adrian Rogers
Casualty 30 – Series 31  Connie Beauchamp (AMANDA MEALING), Jacob Masters (CHARLES VENN) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Adrian Rogers

Iain and Jez (Lloyd Everitt) were almost involved in an RTC, this episode when eagle-eyed Iain spotted a little boy by the name of Hugo (Billy Angel) climbing underneath a lorry to seemingly hitch a ride. The inevitable happened as Hugo let go of the undercarriage of the lorry and the ambulance that the boys were driving just stopped short of causing the boy more injuries. When the kid arrived at Holby City he was the first casualty of Connie’s shift. Coincidental, given that the lad was looking for Grace (Emily Carey) as he had missed her. Young Hugo had gone on a date with mini Connie and he still hankers after her. He’s also motherless, has a ‘step-mum’ he’s none too keen on and while the poor fellar is at a low ebb, he discovers he has a half-sibling on the way too. A surprise all round as the baby’s parents have only just found out, as well. Connie treats the situation with tenderness and care. Her performance convinces Elle that she made the right decision in coming back. Now, if only Connie could see her way clear to taking Grace home…

Between an ornamental ice skater presented to Grace by young Hugo, which encourages Grace to speak the word “skate” and a promise from Jacob that he’ll move in with them, Connie takes the next step and Grace is finally, FINALLY discharged. Although the poor child clearly has a long road of rehabilitation ahead of her. Plus there’s the fact that Jacob has slept with someone else and not admitted it to Connie yet. Oh, and there’s the question as to whether Connie wants Jacob to move in because she loves him and wants a family life or if it’s convenient to have a nurse to hand when she is scared that she won’t come up to scratch as Grace’s carer. Let’s not dwell on that yet… I’m sure the script writers have it all in hand and nothing will go as smoothly as we may hope for! I must add huge congratulations to Billy Angel, who made his professional debut in this episode and was outstanding as Hugo.

Photo Credits: BBC



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