Spotlight On… Malvern Panto ~ Sleeping Beauty Star, Rebecca Wheatley

Sleeping Beauty runs at Malvern Theatres from 15 December 2016 to 8 January 2017, for more information and to book your tickets for this fabulous family pantomime, follow this link:

Rebecca Wheatley is recognisable from a number of shows on stage and screen, I know her best as Amy from Casualty. However, this Christmas she dons her fairy wings and is set to take Malvern Theatres by storm. I chatted to Rebecca about the show:


Hi Rebecca, thanks for talking to Break A Leg, have you performed on stage in Malvern before?

I have, I done two shows here, I did Menopause The Musical and I came here with Pickwick Papers. It’s a beautiful theatre isn’t it? Really lovely.

What do you enjoy most about panto?

I just think it’s great fun, you never feel more Christmassy than you do when you’re doing panto, it’s hard work but it’s a good traditional show and I love going to a panto, too.

Have you played a fairy before?

I’ve never played a fairy before, I’ve been a nurse and I’ve been a mermaid…

What will you bring to the role of the Fairy?

I will be fun and a bit cheeky, there will be magic, sparkle and extra twinkle.

Have you been on the receiving end of the good natured hecklers before? It seems to go with the territory with pantomimes!

I’ve never experienced that before, I’m steeling myself!

Moving on from panto, briefly and onto Casualty which you last appeared in sixteen years ago, do you miss being in the show?

I loved being in the show, we were al one happy group together which gradually dispersed and I miss working with that group. There’s something special about working in an iconic show, it was a lovely job which launched a lot of things for me.

What had inspired you to become a performer to start with?

I think when I was a child I was a show off an noisy and I love making people laugh and playing characters.

Finally, what would you say to potential audience members to encourage them to come and see the panto?

It is absolutely the one thing that you have to do every Christmas, it’s tradition and it’s a lovey Theatre. There are lots of surprises and it’s got heart, fun and games and I think we all need a bit of that!

Huge thanks to Rebecca for a lovely interview and I look forward to seeing her play the Fairy for the first time, very soon!




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