Trollied Episode Four, Series Six~ Episode Review

When one simple scene involving the word “boo” and hysterical laughter from two lovely ladies on Customer Services is a highlight in itself, you know that Trollied are still onto a winner. Lorraine Cheshire as Sue and Faye McKeever as Linda have yet to take centre stage in a storyline of their own, but their contribution to this laugh a minute comedy never fails to impress me. Coupled with Sue’s use of a rice cake as a drinks coaster, they were a force to be reckoned with, as ever.

This hilarious instalment also saw the return of Georgia-May Foote as Holly staking her claim on Daniel (Samuel Anderson) as she stuck close to Katie (Chanel Cresswell), it seems that Daniel’s new lady is not as air headed as it may have first appeared.  Her suspicions about Katie’s interest in her beau are raised when Katie pretends that Colin (Carl Rice) is her boyfriend and that his name is also Daniel. Lisa (Beverley Rudd) and Colin are having enormous fun winding up the situation, although Lisa does experience a fleeting moment of jealousy, this is quickly overcome when Colin assures of his devotion. The fact that he is so devoted to her due to her dirty antics is typical of this pair.

Meanwhile, Gavin is still promoting his healthy eating ‘scheme’ and Shai (Nikhil Parmar) is helping him by placing footprints on the shop floor. Small foot prints, by all accounts, the template of which is from Gavin’s (Jason Watkins) foot! Much teasing ensues, including Margaret (Rita May) singing “The Wizard Of Oz” despite having claimed that it wasn’t the film she was bringing to mind when she mentioned the yellow brick road. Nobody can carry that madcap ditzy character off quite like Rita can, Margaret is the lynchpin of the show, in my opinion.

Rita May as Margaret

The challenge between Duncan (Rufus Hound) and Gavin also made for epic viewing, kudos to the pair of them for the sit-ups accompanied by dialogue!

My only disappointment with this week’s instalment was the noticeable lack of Dominic Coleman, Stephen Tompkinson and Sarah Parish, they play three of my favourite characters. However, I do comprehend that there is a degree of realism in that they wouldn’t all be in at the same time for the same shift at all times.

Overall verdict? Still the funniest programme on telly at the moment and this series in particular is such a treat, I am ever hopeful for series seven!

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