Trollied Episode Five, Series Six ~ Episode Review

It’s Cheryl (Sarah Parish) and Gavin’s (Jason Watkins) eleven month anniversary and Gavin has been putting his artistic skills to dubious use, by producing a painting of his beloved, but with monstrously big hands! Meanwhile, Duncan (Rufus Hound) is on the prowl, causing havoc and poking his red face in where it’s not wanted. When Duncan invites Cheryl out for a meal before Gavin manages to get around to asking her out for an anniversary lunch, he becomes even more nauseating. Although I’m confident that true love will win the day for Cheryl and Gavin, they’re a match made in Valco heaven. The scene of the episode has to go to the lovebirds, where following a lengthy alcohol-fuelled lunch with Duncan, Cheryl winds up drunkenly fumbling in the canteen with Gavin, before he declares that it’s too much! Parish and Watkins are an absolute dream team, I say it in almost every episode review, they truly have the right chemistry to make this on-screen relationship work.

Holly (Georgia May Foote) is also back and trouble-making, unhappy with Daniel’s (Samuel Anderson) decision to invite Katie (Chanel Cresswell) to accompany them to the pub, the young Store Manager sets about making sure that Katie doesn’t take him up on it. Psycho is not the word with this one, she is beyond tapped! Claiming that Katie is being mean to her and faking a violent outburst from her ‘love-rival’. Kudos to Georgia May Foote, as Holly is so different to her Coronation Street character, Katie – she’s really impressed me with her versatility.

Trollied.Series 4.Episode 2..? Jon Hall for Sky1 2014
Stephen Tompkinson as Brian in Trollied

As if there wasn’t enough bonkers situations in this episode, we then have a dose of Dr Brian (Stephen Tompkinson) shock-jocking on the radio. He’s giving terrible advice during the phone-in and catalyses an outcry from angry listeners. However, he surprises everyone, including himself, when he is asked to make a return visit to the radio station! Maybe things are looking up for the psychotic Pharmacist?

Another epic episode, although I did miss Sue (Lorraine Cheshire) and Linda (Faye McKeever), even their short scenes have me in stitches and their absence was noticeable. Can’t wait for some festive times at Valco, though!



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