Trollied Episode Seven, Series Six ~ Episode Review

It’s time for S H I T training at Valco… that’s Sexual Harassment Information Training, by the way! Gavin (Jason Watkins) is sleeping on a lilo in his office, not all bad as he has discovered that the best pillow ever… a file! He and Cheryl (Sarah Parish) are at odds due to her plugging of Duncan’s (Rufus Hound) products and she distresses him further by allowing Duncan to pitch his promotion stand for his new energy drink, Assailant. I don’t like seeing this pair upset with each other, I think they make a fantastic couple and are funnier when they’re happier.

Meanwhile Holly (Georgia-May Foote) is on the prowl and still suspicious of Katie (Chanel Cresswell) and her intentions towards Daniel (Samuel Anderson). Her latest scheme involves scamming Daniel’s mobile phone off him and of course, Katie gets caught in the trap and accused of trying to split the pair up, into the bargain. I have really enjoyed the character of Holly stirring things up and hope she returns. 

Colin (Carl Rice) and Lisa (Beverley Rudd) think they should be exempt from the S H I T training because they know everything there is to know, already. Plus, Lisa admits to Katie that she gets shy talking about it… except she means she can’t be arsed! I love Lisa’s honesty, how many people would like to be that honest in the work place? Or indeed in life? Trollied wouldn’t be Trollied without Colin or Lisa. 

Meanwhile, Dr Brian (Stephen Tompkinson) also feels the training in not a requirement for him and he is due on the 4pm drive time show on the radio. However, Daniel takes no notice or nonsense and Brian is forced to participate. Let us not forget that Margaret (Rita May) and her incessant shirt tucking in ‘fetish’ is what caused the training to be initiated.

It looks like the end for Holly and Daniel when he starts to believe what Katie is saying and her whacko ways go to a whole new level of crazy. Although I don’t think that story is over just yet! It’s also the end for Margaret and Brian’s working partnership when he chooses the radio station over Valco. 

It is however, the continuation of a blossoming relationship between Katie and Daniel and I am happy to report that Cheryl and Gavin are back on track eventually. Thanks to the ingredients list in the energy drink being scrutinised by Gavin. Rufus Hound has been a real asset to the cast as Duncan, he’s a great character and Hound was the right actor to bring him to life.

So we are left with just the Christmas special, to go, who’s going to miss Valco? Me!


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