Break A Leg’s Top Five Television Programmes of 2016

Television is as much of a passion for me as the theatre, I am delighted to have been able to include episode reviews and related interviews on the site, this year. After all, my interest in theatre stemmed from the desire to see performers from the television perform on stage. So, here’s the best of what’s been floating my boat this year on the small screen, this year.

Sandra Huggett played Maxine in In The Club… one of my favourite new characters.

In The Club – winner of Break A Leg Critic’s Choice Awards for best Television Drama, I adored this series which has been penned by the magnificent Kay Mellor. When I watched the first series it was not long after the birth of my Son and I could identify with so much that was featured in the storylines. Series two was well worth the wait and I am desperate for a third series. Fantastic writing, perfect casting and left me wanting more. Come on BBC!

The reappearance of Cath Shipton as Duffy has been a highlight of Casualty for me, this year.

Casualty – I have been a fan of Casualty since it first started and always loved Duffy and Charlie. The fact that Cath Shipton has made a permanent return as Duffy this year and the character has been paired off with Charlie (Derek Thompson) has been another good reason to watch. I think that the full cast of regulars they currently have is incredibly strong. Their 30th anniversary episode was like a movie in quality and the episode that Amanda Mealing directed (she usually plays Connie) was one of the best of this series, in my opinion. Long may the show reign.

Home Fires – I’ll miss this series so much!

Home Fires – I was really getting into this series and the second series which aired this year was my incredible. I felt that the cast had gelled and the various storylines had me gripped. The fact that it finished on such a cliff hanger is still disconcerting and I am shocked at ITV’s decision to axe a popular series which had been taken to viewers’ hearts. It had the right cast and setting to be as big as the likes of Downton Abbey if it had only been given the chance.

Holby City has taken viewers on a real rollercoaster ride, this year.

Holby City is another medical drama that I have stuck with from the word go. This year has seen some of my favourite characters leave (Digby, for a start off!) and a few eyebrow raising storylines (Serena (Catherine Russell) and Bernie (Jemma Redgrave) getting together, for one!). It’s as strong a series as it’s sister-how, Casualty and I have enjoyed the cross-overs that have occasionally occurred. There need to be more of those!

When it comes to comedy, Trollied has been the pick of the crop for me. Jason Watkins and Sarah Parish (pictured) have been a highlight of the show with their hilarious partnership.

Trollied – there haven’t been many comedies that have been on my must-watch list, this year. Trollied is one of the best programmes on Sky One, in my humble opinion and series six has been one of the best they have produced. The banter between the characters is an excellent demonstration of fantastic observational comedy and every actor in the show plays their role brilliantly. I don’t think it would be the same without any of them, now. Long live Valco, a seventh series must surely be on the cards?

That’s it for 2016, I look forward to being a to cover more from the box in the corner of your living rooms, next year! There are some exciting shows coming up which may well end up on this list next time.


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