Spotlight On… Star of Casualty, Amanda Henderson

Robyn has been going through it lately, she found the love of her life, he lied to her, it transpired that he had a terminal illness and now she’s pregnant by him, and he is nowhere to be found! I caught up with the actress behind the heartbroken Nurse, Amanda Henderson, who incidentally picked up a Break A Leg Critic’s Choice Award for Unforgettable Performance in the Best Actress on Television category…

Thanks for chatting to me again, Amanda. So, poor poor Robyn, Glen has done a runner, I’m anticipating that we get to see him before he succumbs to his illness, though?

Ooh I can’t say but don’t expect a happy ending… I know that viewers would like there to be a happy ending, but it isn’t a drama series then is it?

I enjoyed the scenes last year where we met his friend Paulo, because it gave an insight into Glen’s life….

Yes, and because they didn’t have much time together, nobody knew that much about his life. Not even Robyn knew that much about him and the short time they had together was so intense and so often just the two of them that they never allowed anyone else into their world. Their love was so strong that they were inseparable and I think Glen’s decision to leave was so that he didn’t have to watch Robyn being heartbroken watching him die. I think I can understand why people go off to die. He’s a loving man and she’s a loving person. Like she says, she’s a Koala and won’t let go, so the only way he could make her let go was to leave her. However, leaving her at the alter might have been a little harsh!

I thought that was rather harsh too! She has a lot of people looking out for her, though?

Oh yes she has loads of people looking out for her, she’s got David, Duffy and Charlie. She’s the baby of the family.

How do you think the baby of the family will cope with motherhood?

The hardest parents in the world are usually doctors and nurses because they know what can go wrong. I think the fact that Robyn knows what scans certain scans can throw up, t’s all making her grow up rather quickly. She thinks “I’ve got to deal with this all by myself”. Although she has now decided that she can do this.

What was it like working with Amanda Mealing as a Director instead of as a co-star?

Amanda really helped me to go through the emotions in that episode, she was incredible. Because she’s an actress herself I think she sees it from a different perspective to other directors.

So, of late it seems that Robyn does have to do a lot of crying, understandably! Do you find it easy to turn on the tears for a scene?

It depends, if I start a scene and I am supposed to be crying from the word go a bit of tear stick helps me to get wet eyes. I can always find the emotion, there is so much in anybody’s life that anyone can draw from so finding the emotion is not the hard part, it’s finding the actual physical tears. If it’s something that happens in the middle of a scene then I can work up to it and it’s easy to do when you’re working with this cast who are so talented.

Finally, what would you say to encourage viewers to carry on watching Casualty?

There’s all the worries of Robyn’s pregnancy that viewers will see and there are scans coming up, you might find out if it’s a boy or a girl. At the moment, Robyn is trying to prove to herself that she can be a good mum and that she isn’t this dizzy airhead. She’s been through a lot in the last four years and has gone through the mill a bit with her love life and friendships. Now we get to see how she deals with the latest that life has thrown at her. Luckily she has her big brother, Max (Jamie Davis) to look after her.

Thanks as ever to Amanda for a fantastic interview, I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds for Robyn!

Don’t forget you can vote for Casualty  to win a National Television Award in the Drama category and Amanda’s colleague Lloyd Everitt who plays Jez is nominated for Best Newcomer, here is the link to vote:

Photo Credit: BBC



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