Spotlight On… Star of Casualty, Lloyd Everitt

Jez has become an integral part of the paramedic team in Casualty and actor Lloyd Everitt who plays the character has been nominated and shortlisted for a National Television Award for Best Newcomer. Here he talks to Break A Leg about how the character has progressed so far and what the award nomination means to him.

Thank you for talking to Break A Leg, Lloyd. How have you enjoyed your experience in Casualty so far?

It’s been brilliant, really fun, it’s a family environment and everyone gives you a very warm welcome. This makes the filming even more enjoyable for me.

How do you feel the character has progressed since he first joined the team?

When Jez first joined the team he was very green and he was making mistakes that could have put people’s lives in danger which is the worst type of paramedic to be! But that didn’t happen and he grew as a person. What I love about his progression is that he has learned and become a better paramedic because he had made mistakes. That replicates life in that you learn from your mistakes. Jez has become a lot more professional and equipped in terms of his knowledge, confidence in his work and the way he deals with things. On the other side he’s a soulful character, there’s a lot more depth to him and to go into which will be revealed over time.

So, what are you able to reveal about Jez’s future?

I actually don’t know what the future holds for him at the moment. I can’t give away too much because nothing’s concrete yet. They write six months in advance and you can bring your own ideas in as well, so I’m at that point at the moment.

What would you like to see happen for Jez?

I’m a huge believer that every person is different depending on who they’re with, in life. So, Jez has not had his private life magnified and I’d like to find out why he is the way he is. What’s the root of it all? For me that’s the journey of the character, the private life and the work life.

How do you feel about being nominated for a National Television Award?

It came as a surprise, especially when someone on set asked me if I knew already and I was keeping it a secret! The nomination is an amazing honour and that recognition of course is a beautiful thing. I do it to go out and play great roles, that’s my be all and end all but I’m delighted with the nomination. I’ve been lucky to have Michael Stevenson (who plays Ian) to play opposite, he’s very experienced, warm and open and we’ve formed a relationship which enables the characters to just be.

Finally, what would you say to encourage viewers to keep watching Casualty?

It’s the first programme I ever saw as a child and it was huge entertainment, it’s lasted for thirty years and the reason is behind that is because it’s about life and death. Everyone goes through it, people are in and out of hospitals, it is a reflection of life in the mirror. I encourage people to watch it because it is something you can learn from. A show like this can go much deeper than just entertainment. First and foremost though, it’s a great show and you might also recognise something in it that changes your life.

I’d also like to add that the NHS is the most important thing that we have been able to build in this country. For me it’s very important that Casualty keeps going and has an influence.

I’d like to thank Lloyd for his time and an insightful interview. Wishing him every success with the National Television Awards, and you can vote and for Casualty in the Drama category, here:

Photo Credit: BBC


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