The Wild Party ~ The Hope Theatre

The Wild Party runs at The Hope Theatre until 28 January 2017 and you can book tickets here:

Star Rating: *****

A poem performed as a 65 minute play and in the most innovative and inviting way imaginable, as a nifty two-hander interspersed with postmodern jukebox-style songs. Joey Akubeze and Anna Clarke made a stunning job of engaging the audience in Joseph Moncure March’s piece. The minimalist set, well chosen props and intricate direction (courtesy of Rafaella Marcus) added impetus to a play which drew me in from the outset and left me with a solitary complaint, I wanted more!

The story focuses on a party thrown by a vaudeville dancer, it’s laden with alcohol, scandal, sex and the common bi-product of this potent concoction, violence. Tight choreography moves the action along and the chemistry between the actors was perfect. Which, for me is a key factor to the success of the engagement of the audience. Every nuance of the story resonated as a result of the combination of the intimate space and the audience interaction that the duo executed effortlessly.

Anna Clarke and Joey Akubeze in full flow!

Both Clarke and Akubeze narrated, performed as a variety of characters and also sang their way through the apt selection of musical numbers superbly. We were treated to renditions of Toxic (originally by Britney Spears), Shot Through The Heart (Bon Jovi’s popular hit) and Call Me Maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen) all with a 1920’s flavour to them which befitted the theme.

Slick transitions ensured that I felt that costume changes went almost unnoticed and both actors could convincingly take on the roles of both genders regardless of whether they were both sporting suit and tie, flapper dresses or shorts and t-shirt.

It’s a fruity little number which deserves a wide audience, and there is no better place to see this at than The Hope Theatre. There’s a week left, go and see for yourselves!




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