Not Going Out ‘Babysitting’ ~ Episode Review 

As a parent, keeping expletives in your ‘head voice’ are a must. This side-splitting instalment of the latest series of Not Going Out explored what happens when your kids pick up on certain rude words and repeat them! With the best possible cast to portray this hilarious story line, it made for a cracking episode.

Lee’s dad (Bobby Ball) is drafted in to babysit when Lee (Lee Mack) and Lucy (Sally Bretton) have the chance to go to the ballet. Yes, the ballet! Much more Lucy’s thing than Lee’s but he’s willing to give it a go. Booze is hidden in the cupboard away from the temptation of their errant babysitter, every caution is taken. They return to a tidy house and it looks as though a great time has been had by all playing pirates! It’s not until the F word is heard from the mouth of Benji (Max Pattison) that Lucy and Lee fully regret their choice of sitter. Especially when it’s revealed that Grandpops uttered the rogue word.

Hilariously, it’s Geoffrey (Geoffrey Whitehead) who has made the gaff, having been overheard on the telephone. So, Wendy (Deborah Grant) and Geoffrey are relegated in the babysitting pecking order. Although, maybe Geoffrey has been a bad influence on more than just his grandchild as his daughter starts a lengthy expletive-ridden rant which all the children bear witness to.

This series just gets better, I hope a ninth one will follow sharpish!

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