Casualty ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ ~ Episode Review

Love was most definitely in the air in various guises in this week’s instalment of the National Television Award winning drama, Casualty. It’s wedding bells for Charlie and Duffy next week, so my highlights are going to mostly focus on my favourite couple – although it was all going on in Holby…

Bad Girls Reunited ~ The return of Tracey Wilkinson and James Gaddas filled me with unmitigated joy. They were my favourites in Bad Girls, many years ago and they are a dream team as Alicia’s (Chelsea Halfpenny) parents. When they previously turned up to ruin their daughter’s day, mumsy had an STI… awkward! In this episode we discovered why she did, it seems daddy is gay! He has been hiding that fact for nine years. So, not only does he arrive in the ED having suffered a heart attack, but his ex gay lover follows in his wake. The news horrifies Alicia, plus her mum almost winds up in the bed beside her cheating husband.

Meanwhile, Cal (Richard Windsor) is on hand to save the day when daddy takes another turn for the worse. Alicia’s issues definitely stem from her parents, but she loves them both, that much is clear. The tale about why she is nicknamed Scooby also became clear. Cute!

Curious Cal ~ Cal has been brazenly scrolling through Alicia’s phone in the hopes of uncovering her mystery lover to whom the rogue cufflink belongs. When Max’s (Jamie Davis) phone was the one ringing during a set up job by Cal and Ethan (George Rainsford), Ethan was the first to lay into him. With Cal standing by assuming his brother was merely beinv protective of his interests. Wrong! Alicia arrives to clear up the misunderstanding, she has been texting and sexting Max pretending to be someone else. Naughty naughty… so Ethan remains in the clear…

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You? ~ It wasn’t looking promising for Charlie (Derek Thompson) after his catastrophic attempts to plan a Don’t Tell The Bride kind of a wedding. He’s forgotten the wedding dress, for starters. Then Louise (Azuka Oforka) comes on board as wedding planner, with disastrous consequences. She uses Max and Noel (Tony Marshall) as models for two bridal gowns she’s snatched up from who knows where which are vito’d by Duffy (Cath Shipton). Duffy wanted a more remarkable dress and Louise felt she probably wouldn’t as her colleague has been around the wedding block a couple of times.

Cue Duffy’s angry eyes and Charlie even further in the dog house than he already was. Plus, I wanted to have strong words with Louise for that bit of cheek! However, all is not lost and following a heart to heart which is brief and to the point which is a manner of communication that the love birds are adept at, the planning folder is binned and Louise is ‘sacked’.

24 Hours From Wedded Bliss ~ Charlie’s next plan, while he has his bride to be back on side? Book the hospital chapel for the ceremony, the pub for the reception and oh, by the way… it’s all happening tomorrow! Duffy takes on that challenge and in a scene that melted the hearts of Chuffy fans all over the countrt, there’s a ‘first dance’ to Have I Told You Lately. They also serenade one another in the process. Did I mention they’re in their uniforms in the staff room? Brilliant! What’s more, they attract an audience and Dylan (Will Beck) wanders in completely obliviously, going about his business!!

The stag do is also going ahead that very same night and they’ve had time to make t-shirts. It all looks lovely, except that Cal comes to a realisation before he jumps on the stag bus, after Ethan re-claims his cuff link…. uh oh….

Noel Knows! ~ Noel has to face the panel who are making decisions about the self-service machine in Reception. This has become a soul destroying piece of technology for Noel and he has suffered hugely as a consequence. Louise saves the day when she barges in, rudely, but necessarily and reveals that Noel was instrumental in saving a boy’s life. The technology had been a failure in this case, with the patient’s father struggling to use it. Things are looking up for the cheeky chappy. Hooray!

Hope you’ve all got your hats for the wedding of the year, next week. 

Photo credits: BBC


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