Spotlight on… Casualty’s Cath Shipton 

​Charlie (Derek Thompson) and Duffy (Cath Shipton) are finally heading for the altar, so far we’ve seen Charlie insist on planning the whole shebang and Duffy looking none too impressed about where the direction of Mr Fairhead’s plans. I chatted to actress, Cath Shipton who told me all about the impending nuptials…

Hi Cath, thanks for talking to Break A Leg, what can you tell me about Charlie’s attempts to plan the wedding of the year?

Charlie is out of his depth, he’s got a folder which contains all of his wedding plans – he’s decided to manage the wedding and hasn’t cleared any of it with Duffy. It’s a bit like Don’t Tell The Bride and he wants to surprise her on the day. 

Does Duffy put her foot down?

She’s had enough, she hasn’t got a dress because it’s assumed that Charlie’s managing the dress. Considering it’s supposed to be her big day, she’s being excluded. Charlie is trying to please Duffy but he’s going about it all the wrong way. 

Does this spell disaster for the wedding?

Charlie cancels all the plans and decides that they’ll get married within the next 24 hours, in the hospital!

How does Duffy react to that? 

She loves the fact that she’s got to turn it around in 24 hours and it will be their choice and about them. 

Does this leave time for a stag do and hen night? 

Charlie goes off on a mad stag do and they even have t-shirts printed. Meanwhile. Duffy is pulling the wedding together so she has a little hen do in the staff room! However, meanwhile Charlie has gone AWOL and her colleagues are trying to keep it from her.

The trailer shows Duffy on her own at the altar, does that mean that things are not set to run smoothly?

Duffy has been unable to get hold of Charlie while he’s on his stag do. You’ll have to wait and see if he turns up or not!

So, will they? Won’t they? All will finally be revealed in the episode on Saturday 4 February 2017 on BBC One. 

Many of you will have seen the change of wedding plans that Cath discusses, here ~ but you may or may not know that her other half (Chris Guard) is the front man of a band called Leapfrogtown. Chris wrote this track, Love You More, for Cath and it seems an appropriate time to share it with you all:

Another fantastic track from Leapfrogtown is this next one, How You Feel. Apt lyrics with wedding bells in the air in Casualty. Enjoy!

If you like what you hear, make sure you visit: where you will find more tracks and the latest news from the band. 

Photo Credits: BBC


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