Neighbours Ramsay Street Round-Up ~ Week Commencing 30 January 2017

Here starts my weekly round-up of the antics of the residents of Ramsay Street, and there’s no shortage of shenanigans to comment on, either! I’ve been a Neighbours fan since the first episode aired in the UK and I’ve stuck faithfully with it for all these years. So, without further ado – here’s the highlights of this week’s happenings…

Dee… or is it? ~ it was heart-breaking when Toadie (Ryan Moloney) lost Dee (Madeleine West) in the tragic post-marital car crash 13 years ago, her arrival in Ramsay Street has thrown Toadie and Sonya’s (Eve Morey) lives into turmoil. Dee has been acting strangely from the start and we were introduced to her bathroom ‘prisoner’ this week. Her daughter Willow (Mieke Billing-Smith) who is Toadie’s daughter? Well… it looks like that’s a lie, and poor Toadie is headed for a big fall courtesy of a scam. Uh oh!

Dee’s back from the dead. Or is she?

Kennedys vs Cannings ~ Ever since Xanthe’s mum pedalled her dodgy wares and drew Karl ‘skinflint’ Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) into her little scam, the swords have been drawn between the Kennedy family and the Canning family. What was this week’s challenge to resolve their differences? Dodge Ball! It all ended in tears of course, or in fact… orange juice! Which triggered another battle, this time in the street, one to one between Susan (Jackie Woodburne) and Sheila (Colette Mann). Water was sprayed and an actual mud-slinging match took place. Messy. Not at all constructive – and childish! It was brilliant!!

Steph’s sensibilities ~ Steph (Carla Bonner) fancies men and women, this fact has been buried since she dated and became engaged to Mark (Scott McGregor). Victoria (Claudia Greenstone) drunkenly making a move on a baffled Steph,who wasn’t exactly pulling away and saying no, I couldn’t possibly – has been the catalyst in what seems like the beginning of the end for Mark and unlucky in love, Steph. She has already been feeling torn about the baby that has effectively been made by Sonya and Mark, so it wasn’t going to be long before the cracks started to show. Mark has received his ring back, but as far as his ex fiancée is concerned, they’ve not split up. Kinda looks like it from where I’m sitting, sweetheart!

Poor Toadie, his problems have just begun!

Xanthe and Ben, the Romeo and Juliet of Ramsay Street ~ Xanthe (Lilly Van Der Meer) and Ben’s (Felix Mallard) final straw in the battle of the Cannings and Kennedys was the dodge ball and orange-gate! Determined to set things straight between their warring families, the love-birds decide to try and fix things between Susan and Sheila. Genius! Except neither had banked on Susan calling their bluff. I mean, really, have you two MET Susan? Dear me… school boy/girl error!

Sheila ~ Colette Mann is a firm favourite of mine, if pressed, I would award her the prize for Best Actress in the show. Some, or indeed many may disagree, but Ramsay Street wouldn’t be Ramsay Street without Sheila and I’ve really taken her to my heart. My hero!



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