Not Going Out, ‘Hot Tub’ ~ Episode Review

Hot tub fantasy dates, then – a new one on me and I’m certainly not sharing mine here (he’s in a popular medical drama… that’s all you’re getting!). The conversation around the dinner table with friends Anna (Abigail Cruttenden) and Toby (Hugh Dennis) turned in this particular direction in Lucy’s (Sally Bretton) absence (she was seeing to a wet bed) and the consequences made for one of the funniest episodes of series eight.

Programme Name: Not Going Out  - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. n/a) - Picture Shows: (L-R) Lucy (SALLY BRETTON), Lee (LEE MACK) - (C) Avalon - Photographer: Screengrab
Picture Shows: (L-R) Lucy (SALLY BRETTON), Lee (LEE MACK) – (C) Avalon – Photographer: Screengrab

Emma Bunton was Lee’s (Lee Mack) pick and it so happened that she is Patron of the hospital charity that Toby is heading up. Anna chooses someone different at every turn and seems set on filling the hot tub! Toby selects Susie Dent from Countdown’s Dictionary Corner, which Anna finds dull, although there’s an occurrence later on which changes her perception somewhat. Meanwhile, Lucy is seemingly unaware of the fact that she should have chosen a celebrity when she joins in the game and opts for her dentist. This starts off a chain of events that sees the hapless pair playing a game of one-upmanship.

Lee is keen to see the dentist that Lucy has mentioned, which turns out to be a ploy on her part. Meanwhile, thanks to Toby Lee has the opportunity to see Emma Bunton and get a selfie with her, in a couple of different poses! Here commences the battle of the selfies!!

It’s not all roses for Anna and Toby either, as an actual hot tub encounter with Emma Bunton (for Lee) leads on to Susie Dent in the same hot tub. Oh, and this happens before Anna’s eyes!

With every episode funnier than the one before, this formula is still winning and Not Going Out is my must-see Friday night viewing.


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