Neighbours Ramsay Street Round-Up ~ Week Commencing 6 February 2017

The saga of Dee’s (Madeleine West) re-appearance continues and takes yet another twist, I’m feeling sorry for an unwitting Toadie (Ryan Moloney). Plus the Cannings have yet more drama on their hands. It’s just been a normal week in Ramsay Street…

The Cannings get cunning ~ Gary (Damien Richardson) has been reacquainted with an old fiend, Kev McNally (Troy Davis) as he battles to make back the debt that his ex wife so kindly lumbered him with. However, Gary’s dalliance with his dodgy past is not turning into the brightest idea and with eerie silence at the end of the telephone and Kev’s meetings with Gary turning sinister – it’s only a matter of time before things turn nasty. Although Sheila (Colette Mann) is already on the case and using her feminine wiles to entice Kev’s father and take it from there… Good old Sheila, I hope she succeeds! But then this is Sheila!

Sheila has a plan!

Victoria or Mark? ~ Victoria (Claudia Greenstone) has not left the scene yet and Steph (Carla Bonner) seems to be getting increasingly frustrated with herself as she is finding it difficult to continue to commit to Mark (Scott McGregor). Victoria looks as though she’s not going anywhere without a fight, too. Could be a long haul, this one.

Steph is still in limbo…

Shout out to my ex ~ So, Sindi (Marisa Warrington) is ‘Emily’ – and behind the scam that is Dee’s (Madeleine West) ‘return’. It would appear that Sindi had not expected this plot to play out and ‘Dee’ has engineered it much to Sindi’s disbelief. However, Sindi is certainly no Snow White in this scenario and she has upped her financial demands from this scheme. The question now, as Sonia (Eve Morey) tries to come to terms with a crowd of Toadie’s ex’s (Steph was in that mix as well!) – when will the truth finally come out?

Willow ~ I can’t help but feel sorry for Willow (Mieke Billingham-Smith), she has a father figure in the form Toadie now and he is over-enthusiastic as is his nature. He has the girl sitting a test to find out if she would be in with a chance of achieving her dream job, even drafting in reinforcements in the form of Susan (Jackie Woodburne) to discuss the teen’s options. There is going to be one hell of a body blow coming. Willow’s hopes are being raised too, this is such a cruel story line in many ways.

Alan Fletcher ~ Last week I talked about my favourite female character, this week I’m going to wax lyrical about D Karl Kennedy aka Alan Fletcher aka Fletch aka my all-time favourite Neighbours character. It doesn’t matter one jot what a klutz this man has been throughout his decades on the show.

Photo credits: Channel Five


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