The Good Karma Hospital, Episode Two ~ Review

I dutifully sat down to embrace episode two of the drama which did not hold my attention last week. Has the second instalment swayed me? The answer is that the jury is still out, I remain unconvinced that this will hold a place in my heart in quite the same way as Home Fires has (and it continues to take that prime spot). However, here follows some highlights and comments from my humble point of view:  

Amrita Acharia

Dr Gabriel Varma ~ I didn’t take much notice of Dr Varma (James Floyd) , last week, however I was interested to watch his character develop in this episode. His determination is clear and I foresee many a clashed head between himself and Dr Ruby Walker (Amrita Acharia). Whether there is a mutual attraction bubbling away beneath the surface (as suggested extremely pointedly by Dr Lydia Fonseca (Amanda Redman)) remains to be seen, but there’s certainly chemistry there. Strength of Gabriel’s character was the order of the day following a motorbike accident which had consequences for more than just the doctor.

Girl Power ~ Lydia and Ruby are starting to find a common ground and their relationship worked for me, this week. The sense that they are building towards a mutually beneficial and educational bond is clear and I have the feeling that there will be an occurrence where Ruby has to come to Lydia’s aid. There is a predictability to the format of this programme, that’s for sure!

Maggie’s Marvellous ~ Biased I may be, I had the great pleasure of getting to know Phyllis Logan last year and she is a supporter of this site. However, I intentionally critiqued this show from a neutral point of view and last week, I was questioning if this was the right show for Ms Logan to appear in, post-Downton. She had stepped out of a huge hit of a television drama to a programme that didn’t get off to the best start from the look of the feedback I was privy to throughout last week. This time around I was actually impressed with her portrayal of Maggie, I enjoyed the window into her past with her husband (Philip Jackson). That was the Phyllis that has earned her such a sizeable fan base.

Fonseca’s Foibles ~ I am still likening Dr Fonseca to Connie Beauchamp from Casualty, however the side to her that wills her colleagues to succeed is markedly different to her fellow fictional counter-part. I am eagerly anticipating the reasons behind her arrival in India which must surely begin to emerge soon. In fact I am warming to the character’s quirks, yet remain unconvinced by the relationship she has with Greg (Neil Morrissey).

Mighty Motors! ~ If I learned one thing during the Exotic Marigold Hotel films, it’s that mopeds and motorbikes are both the way forward and a serious life-threat at one and the same time. I was impressed with the filming of the moped ride shots, particularly when Ruby was precariously ducking in and out of tight spaces and dicey situations.

Verdict? ~ OK, it has improved, I’m not inclined to rave about it yet, but as Sunday night viewing goes, it’s not bad!



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