Neighbours Ramsay Street Round-Up ~ Week Commencing 13 February 2017

More antics from the residents of Ramsay Street, this week – it’s all been going on, from ‘Andrea’ (Madeleine West) leading Toadie (Ryan Moloney) to a poignant place to Sonya (Eve Morey) adding additional confusion to an already messed up situation. Here are a few highlights…

Damien Richardson as Gary Canning

Memories ~ Andrea (or Dee!) decides to lead Toadie on a merry dance to their wedding venue. Harsh, especially on Valentine’s Day. Rather an odd occurrence for Sonya to hear about on such a poignant day, too. Although married life is already looking dicey for the pair as Sonya mentions taking an active role in the upbringing of Mark (Scott McGregor) and Steph’s (Carla Bonner) baby. So, Toadie is put through the emotional wringer by the woman he thinks is his deceased wife and by the woman who is his wife but is carrying another man’s baby. I feel the script writers have it in for him!

Crowning Glory ~ Jimmy (Darcy Tadich) demonstrates some rather dastardly ways for one so young, this week. Terese has an exhibition of costumes and finery from Hollywood and the piece de resistance, a crown, goes missing. Susan (Jackie Woodburne) is one of the last people to be seen with it after a whacky photo shoot with Karl (Alan Fletcher). However Gary (Damien Richardson) is also in the frame as he is desperate to get the money to reimburse his ex’s victims. Sheila (Colette Mann), who has taken charge of the lost crown goes in all guns blazing – Sheila? Surely not! She accuses the Kennedys…. well done, Sheila! However, the result is that young Jimmy took it. Naughty lad, one to watch methinks.

Sausages! ~ A conversation about sausages in the Kennedy household is probably not an uncommon occurrence, if we’re honest with ourselves! The chat, over sausages around the dinner table which resulted in a sausage-off challenge between Karl and Gary was highly amusing. Terese’s (Rebekah Elmaloglu) part in the innuendo-rich debate was another hilarious addition, given her history with Gary. Got to hand it to Neighbours for a spot of light-hearted and smutty humour. If it includes the Kennedy duo and Sheila, all the better…

Bye Bye Ned, Hello Mark? ~ Ned (Ben Hall) is finally bidding adieu to his family and his departure causes Elly (Jodi Anasta) to reassess her life. Not before time, we’ll see if she falls into the arms of Mark which seems to be set up as a red rag to Steph if nothing else. Especially after Mark enjoyed rather too much alcohol and Elly was found with Steph’s engagement ring. Oh and it was Steph that walked in on that moment. Awkward!

Brad and Lauren, did they REALLY get married? ~ Am I on my own in feeling that with such a build up to the wedding, and quite a celebration when it finally took place, we haven’t seen much of the happy couple themselves? Feeling a bit let down at the moment, I don’t mind admitting…


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