Not Going Out ‘Charlie’ ~ Episode Review

A trip to the Head Teacher’s Office is a daunting experience whether you are pupil or parent, in this week’s instalment, Lee (Lee Mack) and Lucy (Sally Bretton) are called in to see Charlie’s (Finley Southby) Head Teacher (Selina Griffiths). There’s a visiting Author set to take to the stage at Charlie’s school and the children have been asked to write a story to present.

Programme Name: Not Going Out  - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. n/a) - Picture Shows: Lee (Lee Mack) and his long-suffering flat mate Lucy (Sally Breton) finally realised they were made for each other and tied the knot. Now the couple will return to the screen as parents with three young children… what could possibly go wrong?    - (C) Avalon - Photographer: Pete Dadds
Not Going Out (C) Avalon – Photographer: Pete Dadds

Charlie’s story could well have been penned by Lee, and both Lucy and Lee are not unduly concerned! However, the young lad is sill encouraged to submit an alternative story. The subject of which is so boring that Lee is desperate to stop his Son from making a fool of himself and endeavours to spice up the final version, with lit methane featuring heavily. The visual humour in many of the scenes was side-splittingly funny, too. So many brief moments that reflect Mack’s quick wit.

Many crossed paths occur between the Head Teacher and Lee before the delightful if not rather disgusting conclusion! It’s a great story line for reaffirming Lucy’s relationship with Lee, too – as she remembers the reasons she fell in love with him, awww!

I must admit that the series has flowed so well that I have almost forgotten what the show was like before Lucy and Lee got married and had sprogs. It’s almost like Outnumbered meets My Family with the best of Not Going Out running through it simultaneously. I wasn’t sure if Lee as a father would work, but this episode shows the Father/Son relationship works and the casting is perfect too. Equally I am enjoying Lucy as a mum, she’s not a Mary Poppins-style ‘perfect’ mummy, but one I can identify with, personally – and I haven’t got as many children as she has.

This latest episode is my favourite of the series so far and as ever, has left me craving more.




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