The Good Karma Hospital, Episode Three ~ Review

The Good Karma Hospital is now halfway through its series and I am still slightly underwhelmed by it. I am getting to know the characters and feel that the way in which each storyline is wrapped up neatly (apart from the plots that belong to the main cast, of course) is quite an effective touch. I’m still baffled by Greg (Neil Morrissey) and his purpose other than to serve booze and have it off with Lydia (Amanda Redman), will all become clear or is this the sum total of the character? Anyway, here are a few highlights of the episode:


AJ’s Harem ~ AJ (Sagar Radia) has been a rather naughty fellar, moving from young female tourist to young female tourist and declaring his love for them before they depart for their journey home. His misdemeanours find him out as he breaks the heart of yet another starry eyed young lady who is willing to stay in India to be with him. Tut tut!

Lydia ~ She’s still a closed book, not much of her character has emerged for me to be able to make an assessment of her yet, but she has softened somewhat and has become less like Connie Beauchamp of Casualty! Her relationship with Greg is a mystery and yet the way she chooses to be with him must come from a deep-rooted past history. I felt by the end of this instalment that there was a flexible side to her persona which may have opened up as a result of the Dementia story line that she had been so immersed in during the episode.

Baby Blues ~ A baby dumped on Lydia’s doorstep triggers a myriad of emotions for Ruby (Amrita Acharia) when she is quite literally left holding the baby and finds herself in the middle of a heart-breaking story. The baby’s mother had been told by her parents that she could not keep the baby and therefore he had been taken from her in the night. The harrowing situation causes Ruby to open up to Dr Varma (James Floyd) about her pregnancy a couple of years ago, which resulted in a miscarriage. The back-story behind her split with her beau begins to come to the fore and Acharia gives a very believable performance.

Stourbridge vs India ~ Maggie (Phyllis Logan) is living her days in India to the full, indulging in a shot of bhang and encouraging her husband (Philip Jackson) to do likewise. The pair of them are in the festival spirit and Maggie appears to be blissfully happy as she sports her sari. However, in typical Phyllis Logan fashion, there is a seamless transition from care-free to bordering on hysteria at the renewed thought that she hasn’t got long left to live. I have to hand it to her, she has embodied the role and given it her all, as always.

Temple of Love ~ When Gabriel (Dr Varma) takes Ruby to the temple (which comes as a surprise to her) and her past begins to surface, the spark and chemistry is palpable. Please can we have some romance on the cards? It’s definitely brewing!

Verdict this week? ~ Still growing on me, but my opinion improves with every episode!

Photo Credits: ITV





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