Neighbours Ramsay Street Round-Up – Week Commencing 20 February 2017

Ramsay Street has taken us on another rollercoaster with the trials, tribulations and sausage-related drama taking centre stage. Here are a few highlights from those naughty Neighbours!

Steph (Carla Bonner) is on a self-destruct mission!

Steph wants to have her cake… ~ Steph (Carla Bonner) seems to have been stalking around Erinsborough either irritated by Elly (Jodi Anasta) whom she obviously suspects is having relations with Mark (Scott McGregor). Even if they are (which they look like they might, Steph may have a point…) is it Steph’s business anymore? I think not! In the meantime, she’s leading Victoria (Claudia Greenstone) a merry dance as she reels her in and lets her go again. Then there’s the mystery of her motorbike massacre… things aren’t looking too chipper for the emotionally eratic biker. However, it seems that a lip lock with Victoria is the way forward in times of crisis!

Piper’s penalised ~ Piper (Mavournee Hazel) takes matters into her own hands when she decides that a fake ID is the only way she can be with her man. Tyler (Travis Burns) is so busy at the bar and surrounded by a bevy of beauties, of course, that his girlfriend is driven by the green eyed monster and immaturity. However, her scheme is foiled by Elly, who always seems to have it in for the troubled teen, and Piper looks set to be in more than a detention’s worth of trouble with her teacher.

Sausage Surprise! ~ Sausages were very much the theme of last week! They continue to be a running joke this week, with Karl’s (Alan Fletcher) sausage falling flat and Gary (Damien Richardson) was in the lead sausage-wise. However, Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) declared that he had the sausage to beat all sausages – and played a dirty trick by having Lauren (Kate Kendall) make his entry for him. Sheila (Colette Mann) took great delight in Karl’s misfortune and also revelled in her Son’s triumph as the winner amongst the official competitors!

New Kid in School!

Dee’s Demolition Plan ~ Dee (Madeleine West) never fails to play a vital role in almost every episode as the plot thickens. Willow (Mieke Billing-Smith) has a temporary place at Erinsborough High and Dee is putting a spoke in the works any which way she can, even to the point of phoning Toadie (Ryan Moloney) while he is on a date with Sonya (Eve Morey) which Dee knows about! However, Sonya is onto her ‘rival’ or certainly has suspicions when Nell (Scarlett Anderson) reports that Dee has played the scrape scrape game (aka the DNA scrape game). Willow has already played her part in the trick during her appointment with Karl. Sonya’s vocalised horror results in her daughter being threatened with possible danger for her favourite toy. How much lower will Dee or Andrea stoop?

Break A Leg Awards 2017 ~ Long-listing has begun for Break A Leg Awards 2017 We are delighted to announce that Alan Fletcher has made it to the long-list for Best Actor on Television and Colette Mann has been long-listed for Best Actress on Television. Short-lists are announced in October 2017 – stay tuned!



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