The Good Karma Hospital, Episode 4 ~ Review

The Good Karma Hospital is still not floating my boat, I hope to be more positive about the show each week, but I’m not feeling any more attuned to it. Amrita Acharia is very much the star from my point of view, her performance is subtle and carries the show. Here are a few of my comments:

Nimmi Harasgama as Mari

Mari’s Moment ~ Mari (Nimmi Harasgama) seemed to have a moment to shine this week when she fan-girled over a patient who was a rather famous performer. Her attempt to gently coax her idol away from the painkillers she had become so dependent on was quite a moving scene. Especially when some of Mari’s own backstory was revealed. I’m keen to see more of Mari’s character, now – my interest is piqued.

Paul’s Piss-Up! ~ “You’re pissed!” said Maggie (Phyllis Logan) when Paul (Philip Jackson) reappeared from his visit to Greg’s (Neil Morrissey) bar. Living in a small hut which I expect is somewhat removed to their residence in Stourbridge, seems to have took its toll. Their short separation does the trick, as does the alcoholic intake for Paul and there’s a rather humorous ‘reunion’ later on. This pair are a driving force in the programme.

Greg? ~ I’m still none the wiser as to Greg’s purpose in the show, with two more episodes to go, will we have some light shone on the reason for his character’s necessity? With Morrissey having been in the top billing for this programme, I had expected he would play a more integral role.

Ruby and Gabriel ~ I enjoy the way their relationship is playing out, it’s still a will they/won’t they which simmers and yet moves in slow motion simultaneously. Gabriel (James Floyd) has pride, amongst other things, to overcome. Ruby most definitely has demons to push past, but I can’t help feeling that they could help each other through. Long may the chemistry continue.

Two Episodes to go ~ The fact that we already know that Phyllis Logan is not going to be in any further series (should there be any more) alarms me. Not just because she adds some credibility to the show, but because it seems far too fast to be wrapping up Maggie’s story in just two episodes, now. I hope it’s not rushed and the audience feel cheated by the way this plays out.

Verdict? ~ I am eager to see how episode six finishes and whether there are unanswered questions, because as it stands I think that four episodes would have been enough. I am also of the humble opinion that there are too many characters who have been thrown into the mix without an introduction. They crop up when the story line suits.



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