Broadchurch Series Three, Episode One ~ Review

Broadchurch is back for a third series! One of the best programmes on television, ever – in my opinion and more than makes up for ITV’s distinct lack of really decent and engaging dramas. The fact it’s the final series doesn’t fill me with as much glee, I will feel the loss keenly. Here are a few highlights (although to pick a few is an almost impossible task!):

Julie Hesmondhalgh ~ The lady needs no other tagline than her own name, this actress is the perfect choice for such an integral role. Playing rape victim, Trish Winterman, Hesmondhalgh gave an extraordinary and highly emotive performance. She is renowned for playing out harrowing scenes from her Coronation Street days and this character is far removed from Hayley Cropper. I can’t wait to see how this unfolds and I feel confident that we haven’t seen the half of what Hesmondhalgh has to offer in this new role, yet.

Miller & Hardy ~ The duo de force are back to investigate this new case and both Olivia Colman and David Tennant are as compelling to watch as ever. The subtlety with which Tennant plays Hardy is engaging for me, always has been, Hardys determination simmers beneath the surface. Whereas Miller is her usual quirky self with her home life nipping at her heels. Best investigating team on telly!


New faces ~ In addition to Trish, there are some new faces who inevitably crop up with a new case. Sarah Parish is one of my favourite additions, she plays Trish’s friend, Cath. Cath’s husband, Ian (Mark Bazeley) looks like he’s being set up as the culprit at the moment. However, the obvious suspect is rarely the one who ends up having done it. We’ll see…

Blast from the past ~ Beth Latimer (Jodie Whittaker) is back! This time she’s part of the rape crisis team and the contact for Trish. I’ll be interested to see how much of the original series one case if revisited. Is Danny going to be integrated into this new story?

Summary ~ What a dramatic start to the new series, the scene was set in a visually distressing way but the maximum impact it had on me commanded my attention from the outset. If you get a feeling that “this is going to be good” and no words have been spoken yet, then the formula is spot on. Remarkable progress is made in tracking the location of Trish’s rape and uncovering the facts. I feel absorbed in the story and I’m already pointing the finger. Broadchurch is BACK!

Photo Credits: ITV


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