Nothing Short Of Love by Charlie Carter ~ Album Review

Nothing Short Of Love is a ten track album featuring music and lyrics written and performed by Charlie Carter. He also collaborates with three amazing female singers; Dami Olukoya, Siubhan Harrison and Frances Eva Lea who each enhance the tracks that they are featured on. The overall feeling of the album is that a story is being told through each song and the order that has been selected helps to build on this. Each number flows into the other and makes the album work on many levels, it works as an anthology and every song is strong in its own right too.

Charlie Carter

The musical arrangements are a joy to listen to, brass, sax, guitar, harmonica, drums, they complement the lyrics and the vocals. There’s an overall sanguine beat to the majority of the music on the album, its easy listening at its best and there are a few tunes that I have retained after one listen. There’s no doubt that Carter has a talent for singing, playing, writing and has compiled the right mixture of upbeat and ballad styles. Here are a few of my favourite and, in my opinion, most notable tracks:

Been A Pleasure ~ The opening number and arguably my overall favourite as the lyrics are still in my head. It’s got a rhythmical beat that swings the tune along, it suits Carter’s vocal ability and I listened to it a few times before I moved onto number two on the album!

A Little Room ~ This features West End star Siubhan Harrison and she is an asset to the piece. The emotional connection with the lyrics is quite special and I like the way the words lead the music at a smooth pace. There’s a velveteen feel to the ambience of this one, too.

Standing In the Street ~ Another one that has lodged in my head and I find myself singing at random! I enjoy the mixture of instruments on this one, the instrumentals are prominent in this track and punctuate the lyrics.

Totally Different ~ The vocals of Frances Eva Lea resonate through this beautiful piece of music and as well as being one of the go-to tracks that I switch to when I listen to the album, I really can’t wait to hear more of Frances’s work now too.

Soho Rambler ~ The musicality of this song is an asset and I can feel the emotion running through as well as a story in itself that almost begs to be told. It almost feels like the odd one out on the album, yet it’s not out of place and the choice of instrumental backing also helps it to stand out from the rest.

Verdict? ~ Head over to where you can find the details to download Nothing Short Of Love and enjoy a cornucopia of musical talent in one album.



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