The Good Karma Hospital, Episode 5 ~ Review

This week’s penultimate instalment of The Good Karma Hospital was, for the most part, underwhelming again, the saving graces very much being Phyllis Logan and Philip Jackson as the Smarts. I still find that the show as a whole has not resonated with me and therefore, much as I play hunt the positives every week, there isn’t a great deal that I find to rave about. However, here’s a few comments on episode five, for your delectation!

Lydia’s losing battle ~ Lydia (Amanda Redman) breaks down in the arms of Greg (Neil Morrissey) (no I won’t ask what he’s doing there, again – it’s still not obvious, I’ll just leave it!). Following the attempted suicide of a patient whom Lydia could have dealt with better, to say the least! It’s just another example of Lydia’s head-strong and bullish behaviour getting her into ‘trouble’. Will she learn? At least she has a heart I suppose, the softer side was a welcome change.

Saluting The Smarts ~ The episode wasn’t off to a completely interesting start so my interest waivered. Then Maggie (Phyllis Logan) and Paul (Philip Jackson) gave an acting masterclass and took the episode up a whole lot of notches! Talk about raising the game! Maggie was insistent on taking a heavy going walk to the top of a mountain to reach a temple, all for the sake of mumbo jumbo which she felt might hold healing powers. Paul was at the end of his tether with her ‘nonsense’ and lost the plot with his terminally ill missus. What could make matters worse at such a time? Maggie collapses and winds up at The Good Karma Hospital. Their two-hander scene towards the end moved me to tears. I suspect she might not come out of hospital, now – sad times, but the acting has been first class from this pair.

Shout out to my ex ~ Ruby (Amrita Acharia) has a catch up with her ex and feelings comes flooding back for the young doctor. I think that Gabriel (James Floyd) is possibly showing some green eyed monster ways so that could be interesting. Although with one episode to go, how much of that we’re going to see could be limited. Looks like the ex has made the trip to India, anyway – if the ending scene is anything to go by.

Sri Lanka ~ The setting for this programme is another saving grace, I thoroughly enjoy drinking on the beautiful scenery every week and it’s given me a desire to go and visit the place. I don’t think it passes for India necessarily but it’s certainly a gorgeous setting and a well chosen location in many ways.

Verdict? ~ I’m miffed that this has not been a show that I have taken to my heart as I had hoped, if I were giving a star rating to the overall show, so far it would get 3 out of 5 stars. If next week blows that score out of the water, I’m willing to admit that I was wrong. However, I have a feeling that the series finale will be mostly notable for the demise of Maggie, unless we finally find out more about Greg and his purpose? Or why he is with the good doctor? Let’s see…



Photo Credits: ITV


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