Broadchurch Series Three, Episode Two ~ Review

Broadchurch episode two – the highlight of Monday! It’s still holding my interest and yet more twists have occurred in the plot. I have never taken so much enjoyment in watching a programme that puts the audience through the emotional wringer, but I am a glutton for punishment where this nugget is concerned. Here are the highlights:

Beth (Josie Whittaker) and Mark (Andrew Buchan)

The Latimers ~ Beth and Mark are still playing a prominent part in this series, Beth (Jodie Whittaker) is underway with her liaison work with Trish (Julie Hesmondhalgh) and is being put under pressure by Miller (Olivia Colman) so that information can be released to the public. In the meantime, Beth and Mark (Andrew Buchan) seem to have been having vast difficulties in their relationship and there seems to be more to explore there. I like the fact that they are in the third series, it keeps some consistency to the residents of the area.

Trish’s tryst ~ Trish is still struggling to come to terms with what’s happened to her and Hesmondhalgh is giving the performance of her career as she plays out the emotions of the rape victim. Her husband from whom she is separated comes into the equation. Ian (Charlie Higson) is already in the frame by the looks of it, especially as he was at the party after which the rape had occurred. However, the plot twist is that Trish had been having consentual sex on the morning of the party. She won’t say who with!

What’s Jim hiding? ~ Jim (Mark Bazeley) has a finger pointing directly at him when it comes to the prime target for carrying out this crime. He has condoms in the car that are the same as those found at the scene. He also has an interest in fishing and appears to be a shady character. However, is this too much evidence for so soon in the programme? Is he covering for someone else? Are those his condoms? So many questions. As it’s Mark Bazeley we’re talking about I’d also like to know if he’d be keen to do a third series of Home Fires if it were to transpire…!

The net is closing in ~ Miller and Hardy (David Tennant) take a trip to a local fishing suppliers to obtain samples of fishing net and line. They are not met with a co-operative manger, Leo (Chris Mason) and it planted a seed that maybe he has something to do with it? Although this is the problem with a programme of this nature, I suspect everybody! Hopefully the samples that they eventually came away with will be a match to the fibres that were found on Trish’s person. It will be a much longer process if it didn’t come from the local supplier!

Text Torment ~ The text message at the close of the episode which Trish received and quaked in her boots at the sight of, tends to suggest that she knows her attacker. There is no name associated with the number. Or, is this text from the man she slept with whom she won’t name? Is the man in fact, Jim? Therefore making the attacker someone else? Too many questions and there’s always a cliff hanger!





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