Casualty ‘The Good Samaritan’ ~ Episode Review

Casualty continued to highlight the impact of David’s (Jason Durr) mental health on his job and in his life in general. The latest episode was quite harrowing to watch, yet extremely brilliantly done. Here are some highlights:

Picture Shows: Arnie (PAUL CHEQUER), Lisa Duffin (CATHY SHIPTON) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Alistair Heap

Dapper David ~ David (Jason Durr) has stopped taking the pills that keep his Bipolar highs at bay. He thinks that he is seeing a Psychiatrist who is suggesting that the route he is taking is the right one and that staying off his meds is the best way forward. He is widely inappropriate while on shift and is pulled up by Jacob (Charles Venn) plus he kisses Duffy (Cath Shipton) to wish her happy birthday. It’s not a simple peck on the cheek and she doesn’t seem too thrilled with the advances! Eventually, he is asked to leave, however, he arrives back to work resembling the Cadbury’s parrot in his purple suit and with highlighted hair. It’s a downward spiral for David, now.

Happy Birthday Duffy ~ Duffy’s 56 years old! Except Noel (Tony Marshall) thinks she’s 60 and has put that age in icing on his home-made birthday cake. Ah well, the thought was there! Add David’s inappropriate kiss, his subsequent thievery of her headscarf and the fact that Sally (Pam St Clement) eggs him on to be the stripper at Duffy’s celebration at the pub. It’s been an odd birthday for Duffy, that’s for sure!

Robyn’s ‘rumblings’ ~ Robyn (Amanda Henderson) seems to be having a few extra stirrings from baby. Not quite so concerning at first until she jumps into the car with David and the trailer for next Saturday’s episode aired. Robyn’s not had the luckiest time of late, it doesn’t look as though it is set to get any easier.

Pam’s back ~ Pam St Clement made a resplendent appearance in the 30th anniversary episode last year, playing the role of Sally. It was great to have her back giving Charlie (Derek Thompson) jip and throwing her weight around despite the fact that she has had a car accident and a man is in the ED with serious burns off the back of that incident. I hope Sally’s a returning character, she’s a joy to see on screen.

Mental Health ~ Mental health has always been such a taboo subject and there is still so much stigma around it. I put my own hand up to having suffered from low moods, anxiety and even panic attacks. Nothing to be ashamed of? Well, no, but it’s not easy to open up about either. It feels like something to be ashamed of, to me it does, anyway. Bipolar isn’t entirely alien to me as I have mixed with a few people who suffer from the condition. Jason Durr’s portrayal is spot on, so amazingly accurate and he is playing it out so naturally, too. Casualty should be applauded for keeping this plot going and not merely dipping their toe in the water then leaving it alone.

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