The Good Karma Hospital, Episode Six ~ Review

The Good Karma Hospital has aired its season finale! I think it was one of the most beautifully filmed episodes in the entire series and had the previous episodes been of this quality, my earlier reviews might have been more favourable on the whole. The fact that there is to be a second series when other programmes haven’t been re-commissioned puzzles me. However, that aside – here are my views on the final instalment:

Photo Credits: ITV

Dr Walker departs? ~ With the love of Ruby’s (Amrita Acharia) life making an appearance at the end of the last episode, the plot moves along quickly as she and the man she has been trying to forget disappear to start a sight-seeing trip around India. It all occurs so early on in the episode that it’s fairly predictable that Ruby will be back to the GKH before long and that the relationship with ex lover boy will be over. Leaving the way open for Gabriel (James Floyd)?

Crash horror ~ The bus crash was quite something, it was the catalyst that sent Dr Walker hurtling back to the Hospital and helped her to decide that it was the right choice to stay. That aside, I thought it was a heart-in-mouth moment that wouldn’t have gone amiss earlier on in the series. The chaos and fall-out was one of the strengths of this episode.

Maggie’s last wish ~ It was obvious that Maggie (Phyllis Logan) was going to pass away, given that Ms Logan had revealed that she wouldn’t be making series two should there be one. It was an award-worthy effort from Logan, Philip Jackson as Paul and Leanne Best as their daughter. The reappearance of their daughter, with a perfect Stourbridge accent, I might add – set off a chain of events which almost resulted in Maggie being flown back to the West Midlands. This would not only have been a harrowing experience given her state of health, but there was the added dimension that Maggie thought of India as her home, now. I really enjoyed the interaction between Maggie and Lydia (Amanda Redman), I felt that there was finally another side to the doctor’s personality coming to the fore. The final scenes for Maggie were beautifully shot, turtles making their way to the sea and a sense of freedom for the character as she finally succumbs to her illness. Applause from all of us at Break A Leg, there wasn’t a dry eye in our house.

Lydia and Greg in love ~ I’m still none the wiser about Greg (Neil Morrissey), there has been very little suggestion of back-story. However, what I can tell you is that he is the best that Lydia has ever had! In so much as he is good in the sack, I believe… too much information from the Doc as she makes this announcement at the bar. She’s not even that sozzled by the looks of it. Has this put the seal on their relationship and does that bode well for the next series that I believe is coming? Regardless, at least Lydia gave the man his due and admitted to their shenanigans, even if it was ever so slightly inappropriately done.

Second series announced ~ ITV have been axing many programmes after the first or second series, of late. This is where I get on my soap box and have a moan – Home Fires is the first I need to shout about, axed after the second series and on a massive cliff hanger. The cast, the setting and the scripts for this wonderful show were consistent and engaging, I always felt that it had a similar run in it to that of its Sunday evening contemporary, Downton Abbey.  Brief Encounters has been axed after series one and there was so much more mileage in that show. Another stellar cast and scripts that were so well crafted. I reviewed the first series, here and I raved about it week in, week out. Then, The Halcyon was announced as the recent victim of the ITV axe. In my opinion, that had the capacity to continue, too.

It has come as a surprise that there will be a second series of The Good Karma Hospital, although the show has grown on me to an extent – I would love to know why it has been favoured. Will I tune in for series two, though? Why not!




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