Broadchurch Series Three, Episode Three ~ Review

Broadchurch is still messing with my mind, Julie Hesmondhalgh is still banging her performance well and truly out of the park and taking her brilliance up another notch every episode. David Tennant is still floating my boat as Hardy, I think he has to be one of my favourite characters from among Tennant’s long and varied credits. Are we any closer to finding out whodunit? Nah! Here’s the highlights…

Arthur Darvill as Rev. Paul Coates

Rev. Paul Coates ~ I neglected to mention his reappearance last week but he’s back and looking decidedly shifty again. Even though I highly doubt he is at all responsible for this crime. I feel he will be supporting Trish (Hesmondhalgh) somewhere down the line, though. Or maybe one of the suspects will knock on his door?

Mystery text ~ We’re still no clearer on the identity of the mystery texter who made their displeasure known to Trish in last week’s episode. She’s still not saying who she slept with on the morning that the attack took place on, either. So I am now convinced that there is something sordid going on, there. Has to be a married man… On the subject of texting, rather inappropriately, her daughter let’s her dad, Ian (Charlie Higson) know that his ex has been raped, and she does that via text message!

Mucky mobiles ~ While we’re on the topic of the mobile phone, we have another addition to the mix with Tom Miller (Adam Wilson) aka Ellie’s (Olivia Colman) son and his mate looking at porn on their mobile phones. Naughty boys! What’s going to come out of this little plot twist?

Ian was blotto ~ Having received the news of his estranged wife’s rape, Ian pops round to see Jim (Mark Bazeley) and tells him that he blacked out from over-indulgence in the abundance of alcohol that was on offer at the party. Now, am I on my own here in thinking that he might be setting himself up with an alibi. Funny that he is declaring that he woke up in the same place as the rape took place though. Another red herring?

Cathartic for Beth? ~ As Beth (Jodie Whittaker) continues her ‘therapeutic’ or supportive role for Trish (not sure it’s a truly therapeutic one as she’s not a qualified Counsellor) I’ve started to wonder why Beth has undertaken the role. Is it because it’s cathartic for her after Danny’s death and the stress of the ensuing trial? I’m not sure how helpful Beth is going to be as time marches on in this investigation.



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