Neighbours Ramsay Street Round-Up ~ Week Commencing 13th March 2017

Is it the beginning of the end for ‘Dee’s’ (Madeleine West) merry dance as she leaves Toadie (Ryan Moloney) hanging and takes off with the girl he believes is his daughter? Elly’s (Jodi Anasta) past returns to haunt her and Terese’s (Rebekah Elmaloglou) involvement with the Canning family is exploited. Here are some Ramsay Street highlights:

Elly and Finn – friends reunited?

‘Dee’ departs ~ Dee/Andrea decides to do a runner this week, she packs her bags leaving a sizeable unpaid tab behind her (surprise surprise!) and taking Willow (Mieke Billingham-Smith) with her. Toadie had only just put a plan in place for Willow to stay with him and his family whenever she liked. He’s hurt and wondering if it’s his rejection of ‘Dee’ has caused this next stage of the drama. His misplaced guilt leads him to confess to Sonya that his ‘deceased wife’ has told him she still loves him. Another chink appears in the fragile Rebecchi marriage. I had wondered if Willow was going to reveal all when she left a farewell note for her ‘dad’, however their subsequent telephone communication results in the troubled teen telling Toadie she loves him. A tangled web? You betcha!

Finn-ished? ~ Elly is thrown into turmoil when her ex fellar, Finn (Rob Mills) arrives as a teacher at Erinsborough High. She immediately tells him to resign without so much as a bye your leave. Susan (Jackie Woodburne) is shocked by this development and turns to Mark (Scott McGregor) to find out more about her niece’s situation with the man she clearly hold a grudge against. I always mistrust Elly so I wonder if she is Snow White in all of this?

Xanthe’s up to mischief!

Xanthe takes the proverbial ~ Terese’s relationship with Xanthe’s dad leads to the cheeky madam running up a bill for anything that takes her fancy. She claims that she thought the hotel would cover it, but I suspect she’s playing a cannier game than that. Methinks Xanthe is protecting her dad, Gary (Damien Richardson) – but Terese is unlikely to stand for this nonsense. Are the swords drawn for good?

Tyler’s torment ~ The week ended on Tyler being told he’d gotten the sack! Not good news for him and his love-nest. Uh oh!

Axed? ~ In the news today, Neighbours might face the axe in Britain!!! Oh my word! Please can I move to Australia if that’s the case? I’ll be sure to sig the petition and hope that Channel Five can reach a satisfactory deal on this! Here’s the petition if you want to sign it too: Don’t Axe Neighbours!

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