Mr Bloom’s Nursery Live! ~ Wolverhampton Grand Theatre

Follow the link to book tickets for: Mr Bloom Live 

Star rating: *****

Mr Bloom’s Nursery is quite well known in our household because our toddler loves it. The singing veggies and engaging style used to grab and maintain the tiddlers’ attention works. If ever proof were needed, the well-patronised auditorium filled with youngsters held a captive audience. Young theatre-goers were brandishing their plush veggies and singing along to the various songs that Mr Bloom entertained us with.

Ben Faulks plays Mr Bloom and he’s the Creator and Writer, too. It’s an educational show which not only provides vegetables with personalities – which can be handy when it comes to feeding your young breed, but also teacher about compost. My little boy loves the Compostarium and the worms were part of the cast too, doing their bit for the soil.

The story follows that of Kind Edward (a potato, of course!) who is visiting the Nursery. Mr Bloom and the veggies are under pressure to tidy the place up and work their way through a check list of things to do to prepare for the royal visit. The plot teaches the values of teamwork as well as on a basic level, the importance of tidying up.

When I asked my three year old companion and Break A Leg’s youngest reviewer what star rating he wanted to give, he held up five fingers! So it’s five shiny stars from us. We highly recommend the show and it’s a great introduction to theatre for children. Seeing something played out on stage that they are familiar with from the TV is quite magical, judging by reactions around us. Well done Mr Bloom!


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