Broadchurch Series Three, Episode Four ~ Review

Broadchurch is building its final storyline up achingly slowly and this week saw Trish (Julie Hesmondhalgh) revisit the scene of the crime! It doesn’t shy away from tackling the grit of the topic, David Tennant still hasn’t smiled either! I still maintain that Hardy is one of my favourite characters that Tennant has played. Here are my highlights of this exciting instalment:

Reliving it ~ Trish relives the night of the fateful party and we get an insight into the set-up too. A great flashback scene which shows Ian (Charlie Higson) to be in the drunken state that he had already declared to Jim (Mark Bazeley) that he had been in. The party itself isn’t that harrowing, however when Trish is outside and lies down on the grass, listening to the flowing water – as much as she can recall floods back. Smells in particular seem to trigger thoughts of the night she’d rather forget.

What’s on that laptop? ~ We discovered who was behind the rogue text message, Ian’s partner has been thrown into the mix. However, what is on that laptop that he wants cleared? I can’t stop linking him to the rape – and the laptop debacle is adding to my suspicions.

Broken marriage ~ I expect that the Latimers’ marriage is not supposed to be linked in with this plot at all, it’s just a continuation of life in Broadchurch. I find I am extremely interested in what led them to split up, though. Was it only Danny’s death – come on, I’m nosey, tell me more!

Fishing Net ~ Games on the beach bring to light that the net they are using is the same as the fishing net that Miller (Olivia Colman) and Hardy have already taken samples of. Is that opening up more possibilities? I immediately suspected Ed (Lenny Henry) once that little nugget of information cropped up, but I have no particular reason for pointing the finger at him. Brainstorm moment!

Suspect ruled out (or is he) ~ There is finally a lead and it’s Jim who is confronted as a result of some of the tests that have been carried out. This appears to be a dead end when he reveals that he was the man Trish slept with the morning of the party. His and Cath’s (Sarah Parish) marriage is not a marriage in the true sense of the word, so he’s been getting his kicks elsewhere. However, this provides an alibi yet doesn’t rule him out I my mind, easy to say that the results are thus because he was with the victim during the morning of the attack.



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