Broadchurch, Series Three Episode Five ~ Review

Broadchurch is completely baking my noodle now! Who should I be pointing the finger at? Violence seemed to be the order of the day in this instalment though and I’m even more confused than I was before!! Here are just a few highlights (there were many!):

Photo Credits: ITV

Aaron’s arrested ~ Aaron (Jim Howick) whom we were introduced to last week and who managed to creep me out, was arrested, surprise surprise! I think he’s a red herring though… Plus he’s soon been bailed!

Hardy’s daughter ~ Daisy (Hannah Rae) has been a silly girl and her phone has not only been commandeered but the naughty photo she has on it has been located and circulated. Sounds as if someone knew that photo existed though? Anyway, there is clearly more to this story and I’m wondering how it fits in with the main rape storyline. Hardy (David Tennant) is very lenient on her though.

Trish tells ~ Trish (Julie Hesmondhalgh) tells Jim (Mark Bazeley) in no uncertain terms that she has to tell Cath (Sarah Parish) about their one morning stand. Cath has seemed quite nonchalant about the fact that Jim has had a few extra-marital flings, but the revelation from her best friend is rather too much for her to stomach. Not only does she make a cruel dig about the reason why a rapist would choose her, she makes threats to her doghouse-bound husband. Watch this space, Cath is clearly not a woman to be trifled with.

Taxi Driver torment ~ Clive (Sebastian Armesto)  takes great delight in being called to collect Jim as his recovery vehicle ironically breaks down. However, his amusement soon turns to fear when the mechanic turns on him, all but throttling him to death. I’d say this possibly shows that Jim is still not out of the frame, but then neither is Clive! Especially after the way he was shown to treat his wife. Not a nice piece of work!

Ed’s handy with his fists ~ Cath has a frank conversation with Ed (Lenny Henry) while she’s on her break at work. Asking him if he would fancy her if he didn’t know her. Awkward! However, the fact that he has taken a shine to Trish appears to materialise during the exchange. He plays it down, they move on, but with Ed having discovered that Jim has slept with Trish, there is a backlash. Following Jim’s violent outburst towards Clive, we then see Ed beating Jim to a pulp. Is this laden with red herrings or are we to draw a conclusion from this? Confused is the word!






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