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Actress Carol Royle, one of Break A Leg’s Patrons and my lovely friend and colleague has been busy since her tour of the UK with Dead Sheep last year. Supporting charities, promoting veganism and meeting fans at a Blake’s 7 convention have all been on her agenda, so far this year. Here are a few moments from her recent activities!


Carol with her daughter, Tally Spear and Karin Ridgers (Director at VeggieVision.TV)

VegfestUK in Brighton took place on 11th & 12th March this year. VegfestUK orgnaise Europe’s BIGGEST vegan festivals.  A celebration of all things vegan – Music, food, bodycare, stalls, campaigns, entertainment, excitement, passion and bouncing with plant based positive energy!

Carol was a guest at the talk ‘Veganising my favourite dish’, part of the Easy Veganism programme of Q&A sessions. She thoroughly enjoyed participating in this as Carol is a tireless campaigner for animal rights, has been a vegetarian since 1973 and is now a vegan, as is her daughter Tally Spear. Tally is a musician playing her own songs and she performed at the event, you can find out all about Tally’s music and her latest single release, by visiting her spanking brand new website here: Tally Spear Website

To find out more about VegfestUK visit:

The 3rd Annual Mane Chance Charity Gala

The fabulous Paul Ferris worked overtime gathering the stars for the 3rd Mane Chance Charity Gala to which was held at the Theatre Royal, Windsor on 19th March 2017. Carol was delighted to take part for such a worthwhile charity. Carol has written a sonnet for Virginia McKenna OBE, Virginia is a friend and inspiration to Carol. It was therefore her great pleasure to introduce her friend at the gala. We all look forward to the 4th one!

Cygnus Alpha 2017 

Carol with actress, Judy Buxton

In 1978 Carol played Mutoid in Blake’s 7 – although it was many years ago, fans of the show are still extremely familiar with the character. Carol was invited to attend Cygnus Alpha convention for Blake’s 7 fans. Together with Carol at the Panel session where she participated in a Q&A session, was fellow actress, Judy Buxton who also happens to be a Patron of Break A Leg and a regular plus one at press nights with me. Carol had so much fun at the event “I absolutely loved this day, meeting so many lovely people…such a wonderful energy!” It looks as though the attendees had a great time, too. Thanks to Markosi Gonzarelli Gascoigne for the photos of Carol.





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