Broadchurch Series Three, Episode Seven ~ Review

The penultimate episode of Broadchurch and I am first to admit that I still don’t know who the culprit is (or culprits!) and I’m not even going to hedge my bets. I am completely clueless on this one, just possibly leaning towards it being more than one perpetrator. So what do we know as we head towards the final instalment? Plus, hands up if you’re going to miss this amazing drama? (I’m holding both of my hands up!!).

Mark’s alive! ~ At the end of the previous episode the nation held their breath when Mark (Andrew Buchan) attempted suicide. I think I knew in my heart that he would survive, but it was touch and go and a hospital stint was the result of his cry for help. It seems to have put more weight onto Beth’s (Jodie Whittaker) shoulders though and she is insisting that he sees a professional to break down his grief. I’m sure all will not be resolved for the Latimers by the time the series wraps up, but perhaps they’ll have made positive steps.

Ed in the clear? ~ I got the impression that Ed (Lenny Henry) was being removed from the spotlight this week, he has declared that he has feelings for Trish (Julie Hesmondhalgh) and seems to think that his behaviour i.e. taking photographs of the object of his affections without her knowing, is perfectly OK. I feel he can’t be entirely blameless but if he didn’t do it, then will Trish find out just how creepy her boss is?

Cath makes peace ~ Cath (Sarah Parish) obviously feels that the detaining of her husband, Jim (Mark Bazeley) may be warranted when she goes on a search of his possessions and finds his magazines. The discovery of condoms in his car glove compartment seem to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and she is on the phone to Trish pretty swiftly. First of all asking if her rapist used a condom and then apologising to her. Cath suspects her husband, that’s for sure!

Ian comes clean ~ Ian (Charlie Higson) admits that he had spyware installed on Trish’s laptop so that he could check up on her. Another ‘stalker’ (even if it is her husband) who claims that he is still in love with her. Trish certainly seems to attract ’em doesn’t she? Who installed the spyware? Leo (Chris Mason) of course, tying up that little mystery, in a fashion.

Clive’s collection ~ To finish the episode on Clive’s (Sebastian Armesto) wife finds a drawer full of bits and pieces that appear to belong to women. There’s a keyring photograph of Trish and her daughter which puts him in the frame. He’s none too pleased when he finds out that his wife has tapped into this secret, either. However, he’s a taxi driver, is he just a hoarder of belongings that are left behind in his cab? I’m playing devil’s advocate!


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