Neighbours Ramsay Street Round-Up ~ Week Commencing 10 April 2017

Ramsay Street is scarcely drawing breath after Brad and Lauren’s departure – proving that life does go on even after two major characters have left (OK, I’m still dwelling on this, I liked them, I miss them…) – here are a few highlights from a jam-packed week:

Back to the booze ~ Sonya (Eve Morey) hasn’t been sleeping, no surprise really with her miscarriage and witnessing her husband betraying her. However, the demon drink has beckoned to her and it looks as though it’s taken a hold when she answers the door to Mark (Scott McGregor) with a bleary eyes. It’s clear she’s suffering from a hangover. Slippery slope, Sonya!

Sonya & Mark ~ Sonya and Mark have been on the brink of moving their friendship forward for a while, now. Toadie (Ryan Moloney) is already suspicious of the pair. It appears that they are about to take the step that we’ve seen coming when a kiss is initiated, while they’re both lying on Sonya’s bed. However, Sonya puts a stop to it! Surprisingly, I have to say – unsurprisingly, Mark is put out. However, I still can’t ‘see’ them as a couple and Mark is actually irritating me with his pining for what I don’t think he should be having!

Brooke’s back! ~ Brooke (Fifi Box) reappears in Ramsay Street, seemingly after Sheila’s (Colette Mann) drunken message asking for her to return! However, although she claims to be back for her daughter, Xanthe (Lilly Van Der Meer) – a text from a mystery sender tends to suggest otherwise. Her return is not altogether a popular one, that’s for sure.

Leo struggles ~ Leo (Tim Kano) is struggling, not only with the news that his dad is Paul (Stefan Dennis) who is not his favourite person – what an understatement! He is also not finding it easy to move on from Amy (Zoe Cramond) wheras she seems to have coped with the news slightly more admirably. On the outside she looks as though she is coping with it, anyway…

Paul embraces fatherhood ~ Paul is delighted with the news that he is a father to David (Takaya Honda) and Leo. He embraces it and offers to take his ‘family’ out to dinner. David (who also comes out to his brother, which is met with a joyous response!) is also keen to give it a go, but Leo is going to take much longer to get on side.



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